Nearly Half of Suspected Felons ‘Walking Free’ Under Alvin Bragg’s Tenure, New Report Finds

As Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg continues to make headlines for successfully indicting former President Trump over ‘hush money’ payments made to adult entertainer Stormy Daniels, criticism of his soft-on-crime policies has risen.

While Bragg is trying to pursue the maximum charges against Trump, he has reportedly let nearly half of suspected felons walk free, double his predecessor’s rate.

He has also declined to prosecute nearly double the number of crimes brought before him compared to his predecessor.

Victim advocacy campaigners have accused officials of ‘a depraved indifference to human life’ and pointed to an increase in recent cases in which suspects have been released without bail before committing further crimes.

An analysis of crime data from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office indicates that Bragg declined to request bail in 49 percent of felony cases brought forward this year.

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Jennifer Harrison, the founder of Victims’ Rights NY, said the request decline indicates “leniency towards some of these monsters.”

Harrison, a crime victim advocate since her boyfriend and best friend were murdered in 2005, said the decline in bail requests was ‘extremely disheartening from a personal standpoint.’

‘I don’t want others to suffer what I’ve suffered,’ she added. ‘The more they keep releasing recidivists, the greater the chances of someone else falling victim to these people.’

People have pointed out that Bragg’s policy of not requesting bail or requesting low bail is inconsistent and marred by political bias.

After a bodega owner infamously defended himself against an African-American man who accosted him at his own business and assaulted him, Bragg demanded bail of $500,000.

Harrison further said that soft-on-crime policies like the ones pushed by Bragg place all the empathy and compassion on criminals rather than victims.

‘There is a depraved indifference to human life that is sweeping across the country. All the empathy and compassion has been placed on those who have inflicted pain on others.’

While New York did make changes to its bail laws, requiring judges to use the ‘least restrictive means’ to get defendants to appear in their trial, experts still believe that Bragg has played a direct role in the decrease in bail requests.

‘I would imagine that Bragg’s office and the most progressive offices are not as aggressive at requesting bail as others.’ Said Hannah Meyers, Director of Policing and Public Safety at the Manhattan Institute.

Meyers further said that the decrease in bail requests and light sentences poses a danger to others because of the risk of violent criminals re-offending while out on low or no bail.

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‘The problem is New York created such a hard and fast rule about letting everyone out that those that pose a danger are now playing on communities because they’re obviously going to re-offend.’

In one recent example, a defendant who is now accused of double homicide was let out on bail after shooting at police officers and then went on to commit the alleged double murder.

A spokesman for Bragg’s office responded to allegations that the District Attorney has been too soft on crime, saying, ‘Preventing violence and stopping crime is the DA’s top priority’ despite the uptick in violent crime in the city under Bragg’s tenure.

‘Virtually every major crime category is lower in Manhattan now than it was last year, and we will continue to work hand in hand with the NYPD and our other law enforcement partners to achieve lasting public safety.’ The spokesperson further said.

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