NBC Accuses DeSantis of ‘Looking for a Fight’ With Kamala Over Black History

NBC senior reporter Jonathan Allen says Governor Ron DeSantis was “looking for a fight” when he responded to Vice President Kamala Harris’ dishonest attacks against Florida’s history curriculum.

The Vice President went out of her way last week to fly to Jacksonville, where she told a crowd that the state’s new education standards would “replace history with lies” and falsely claimed that students would be taught that “enslaved people benefited from slavery.” Harris’ comments sparked a week-long backlash, prompting criticism from DeSantis, Florida education commissioner Manny Diaz Jr., and even one of the authors of the new curriculum Dr. William Allen–a descendent of slavery and former chairman of the US Commission on Civil Rights.

However, NBC News senior national politics writer Jonathan Allen did not see it that way and told a completely different story in his reporting. “Looking for a fight, Ron DeSantis tangles with Kamala Harris,” reads the headline of his latest article.

“The Florida governor needs to breathe life into his campaign. He’s starting by breathing fire at the vice president,” the corporate media journalist wrote.

“This week, he and his wife, Casey DeSantis, accused Harris of lying about new Florida standards for classroom lessons on slavery. When hitting Harris, as he did while talking with reporters in Iowa on Thursday, DeSantis mispronounces her name — kuh-MALL-uh — putting emphasis on the second syllable rather than the first.” ~ Jonathan Allen, NBC News on July 28

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After being posted to Twitter, the headline sparked an immediate response from commenters who accused the outlet of carrying water for the Democrat Party.

“Do you get paid directly to do comms for the DNC, or is this pro bono in hopes of being hired as Harris’ spokesperson in the future?” said one commenter.

“It’s actually refreshing that they aren’t even pretending to be journalists anymore,” said another.

Harris flew to Jacksonville for no reason other than to attack the Governor with her soundbite. And your framing of the issue is DeSantis is looking for a fight. Did you ever have any journalistic ethics?” ~BearFlagFan [@BearFlagFan]

Radio host Dana Loesch responded, “Kamala went looking for the fight, and DeSantis is accused of picking it because he simply responded?”

“Kamala Harris lies, DeSantis responds. Journalists: He’s picking a fight,” said podcaster Stephen L. Miller.

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The headline also prompted a response from DeSantis press secretary Jeremy Redfern.

“All the media does is launder talking points for the left. This wasn’t a fight picked by [Gov. Ron DeSantis]. It was picked by Kamala Harris when she lied about Florida’s new African American History standards. The governor is defending Florida from [Harris]’s lies. He’s fighting back.”

On Tuesday, DeSantis responded to Harris’ attacks and said the White House was trying to generate a “fake narrative.”

“There is no agenda here. It is just the truth… They talk in gory detail about a lot of the bad in American history, including, of course, the injustice of slavery. But she is trying to perpetuate a hoax.”

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