Navy Quietly Deletes ‘Pride Month’ Posts, Removes Rainbow Profile Banner

The United States Navy retracted an LGBT pride month social media campaign amidst significant backlash. Posted on June 1st, the pride campaign lasted less than 24 hours and was deleted by June 2nd, with the Navy’s rainbow-adorned profile banner getting replaced by a picture of an aircraft carrier deck.

The posts depicted American naval vessels, aircraft carriers, and fighter jets with various LGBT flags flowing from behind them. The left side of the post featured the word “pride” in several colors.

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While the Navy has not confirmed any motive behind the deletion of the posts, the timing appears to suggest that mass public backlash from an emboldened conservative movement was a contributing factor.

A U.S. Navy spokesman responded to an inquiry from Fox News but refused to give any concrete answer as to why they were removed.

“As we do with all Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) observance months, we will look for additional opportunities to celebrate the diversity and strength of our Sailors. Members of the LGBTQ+ community serve their country, fully contribute to the DOD mission, and deserve a welcoming environment which enables them to reach their full potential.” ~US Navy spokesman to Fox News

Calling dissenters “bigots” and “a**holes,” a leaked email correspondence between two Navy officials shows the extent to which ‘wokeness’ has permeated within the Navy and Department of Defense.

One of Joe Biden’s first actions as president was to sign diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) orders in conjunction with vaccine mandates that many right-wingers say was a coordinated purge of anti-woke dissent within the military.

Some Republican lawmakers have tried to use their limited power to resist the DEI takeover of the military. Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida recently drew attention to an “all-ages” drag show being held at an air force base in Nevada. After the light was shined on their behavior, the Department of Defense promptly canceled the crossdressing spectacle.

Representative Chip Roy of Texas has spearheaded legal efforts to halt the “woke mind virus,” giving the Biden Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin a letter demanding any documents relating to the “pride” events, like the drag show, being organized by the Department of Defense.

“Our military is in a historic recruiting crisis. Our enemies around the world are laughing at us while growing stronger and bolder every single day. The military’s purpose is to defend America and her interests against those around the world who want to destroy us — not to use taxpayer money to advance woke ideology.” ~ Representative Chip Roy to Fox News Digital

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After the Navy retracted their posts, many conservatives took to celebrating, seeing the development as the first time Americans have resisted pride month and the onslaught of virtue-signaling social media posts that come with it.

“Good. They’ve thoroughly embarrassed all of us who’ve stood in their ranks and worn their uniform with legitimate pride. This nation has become the laughingstock of the world amongst all honorable men.” ~@AdotCaine on Twitter

Some major corporations have also been hesitant to lend their support to the LGBT movement, perhaps hoping to avoid billion-dollar losses from right-wing-boycotts. Recently, the MLB also quietly removed its pride profile picture after receiving massive fan backlash.

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