Navy Officers Slam LGBT Pride Critics as ‘A**holes’ and ‘Bigots’

A leaked interaction between two naval officers in the buildup to “LGBTQ Pride” month shows the two denigrating citizens who may be critical of the US Navy’s woke LGBT messaging, calling them “Rude A**holes” and “bigots.”

The leaked emails show a series of insults toward Americans who don’t want to see the military engaging in politics. The interaction reportedly comes from the Assistance Chief of Information in the Navy’s “Office of Information.”

“DoD/Navy policy/guidance on… disabling comments for posts. I just don’t have the emotional energy to deal with rude a**holes and we are planning to put up our Pride Month post.” ~Assistance Chief of Information

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The posters appeared to receive limited resistance from the naval recruitment office – which disapproved of using a specific “pride” profile picture that consisted of an eagle with various colored stripes filling it in.

Despite this, the two naval officers were determined to move forward with the unapologetically pro-gay and pro-trans messaging.

This will draw fire from the less savory members of our audience. However, the likely actions of bad actors should not stop us from doing the right thing. The more savory members of our audience will generally rise to our defense. But no amount of clobbering the bad actors with comm points will convince them of the righteousness of our cause, and they will only respond with more bile

Functional Government Initiative communications director Pete McGinnis slammed the ideological indoctrination the US military is becoming increasingly susceptible to.

“It appears there are personnel in the U.S. Navy who believe promoting the LGBTQ agenda is more important than their ethical responsibilities to keep politics separate from their responsibilities in the military.”

McGinnis continues his condemnation of the new DEI-fighting force, remarking that “to devise schemes to circumvent any input of recruiters while the armed forces suffer a recruiting crisis puts the nation at risk.”

Naval recruitment for the fiscal year 2022 aimed to recruit 7,400 new enlisted sailors – ultimately falling about 25% short of this goal. Similarly, nearly every branch of the US military is experiencing an ever-worsening recruitment crisis that is seeing departments collectively miss their recruitment goal by the tens of thousands.

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Though the problem is worsening by the year, the military has doubled down on supporting woke ideology. Pentagon doctors recently made bizarre claims that gender dysphoria “melts away” when you give irreversible and potentially harmful transgender treatments to children.

The United States Navy also released a video “pronoun” guide last June to celebrate pride month 2022.

“A pronoun is how we identify ourselves apart from our name, and it’s also how people refer to us in conversations. Another way that we could show that we’re allies and that we accept everybody is to maybe include our pronouns in our emails or, like we just did, introduce ourselves using our pronouns.” ~Navy engineer Conchy Vasquez

Between vaccine mandates and constant woke pressure, it appears, based on the military’s actions and the leaked communications above, that Joe Biden’s ideological “purge” of one of the last right-wing public institutions was an overwhelming success.



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