‘Narcissist’ Karine Jean-Pierre Declares Herself ‘Historic Figure,’ Hilariously Mocked on Twitter

Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently declared herself in the same league as Washington, Roosevelt, and Trump, proclaiming herself a ‘historic figure’ in American history. Speaking to The Grio, she said:

A year in this role, there has been a couple of things that have made me incredibly proud, MANY things, many things have made me incredibly proud to be at that podium during this historic moment. Again, this is a historic administration, I am a historic figure, and I certainly walk in history every day.”

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‘Historic’ Karine Jean-Pierre made headlines in the mainstream media after she became the first black and first LGBT Press Secretary, which made her hiring more meaningful. Pierre’s tenure has since been marked by the repetition of lies on behalf of the Biden Administration, ultimately leading to watchdog groups accusing her of violating the “Hatch Act” for her hyper-partisan remarks in the leadup to the 2022 midterms. Despite invoking the act to refuse unsavory press questions several times, investigators chose not to hold her accountable for her violations.

Pundits and observers mocked Pierre’s self-aggrandizing ‘historic’ claim.

“First Diversity hire as press secretary and a performance that supports why we should hire on merit. Yep, SUPER historic.” ~@elebull

“This administration is obsessed with being “historic”. Like that will make everyone forget how terrible they are. All they will be remembered for is how historically awful they have been for this nation.” ~@dwhite079 on Twitter

Many users felt that Pierre had redefined the definition of ‘historic.’ Whereas previously, the word might have been used to describe Washington, Charlemagne, or Bonaparte, it now finds itself used to celebrate “historic firsts” that prioritize diversity over meritocracy.

“Redefining “historic figure” to mean a figure of identity politics and self-enchantment.” ~@TheBuckleyite

Popular conservative pundit and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk sarcastically agreed with Pierre’s claims, arguing that she excelled in several criteria.

“Karine Jean-Pierre calls herself a ‘historic figure,’ and I agree, KJP is a historic figure. Historically entitled, historically dishonest, historically dumb, and historically bad at her job.” ~@charliekirk11 on Twitter

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Biden’s “legendary” press secretary is infamous among conservatives for her “gaslighting,” where she reports fabricated realities that stand in direct opposition to that in which the Biden administration exists. The last month has seen a series of false statements, including a reporter asking about men in women’s sports.

“What would the president say to the parent’s out there,” the reporter inquired, “who are worried their daughter may have to compete against a male [in sports], and there could be a direct physical athletic competition, and worry about their daughter’s safety?”

Pierre accused the reporter of making a “dangerous statement” and said he called transgender kids dangerous.

Only time will tell how frequently “Karine Jean-Pierre” shows up in the history books alongside other great American heroes.

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