Nancy Pelosi Suggests Trump Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Representative Nancy Pelosi of California bashed Donald Trump – and the foundations of American law – by saying the former president could “prove his innocence” against the flimsy criminal charges levied against him. The remark directly contradicts a foundational tenet of American law: the idea that every American is innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.

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The 19-term representative has not retracted, altered, or publicly commented on her “mistake” in the now-viral tweet.

Twitter, acquired by Elon Musk half a year ago, even attached a disclaimer directly calling out Pelosi’s disregard for American – and democratic – legal tradition.

“Readers added context they thought people might want to know: Ms. Pelosi mistakenly says that Trump can prove his innocence at trial. Law in the US assumes the innocence of a defendant and the prosecution must prove guilt for a conviction.”

Pelosi’s tweet says the grand jury in the indictment case is “acting upon facts and the law.” However, many legal scholars have criticized the “mental gymnastics” of the case against Trump. The tweet has received mass condemnation and criticism for its false characterization of American law and blatant support for the persecution of President Trump.

The case would require using a “novel” legal theory alleging that Trump committed 30 counts of business fraud violating federal election laws. The case was so unsteady that the Federal Election Commission, which had spent years investigating the allegations, ultimately chose to drop potential charges over concerns that they would go nowhere.

In other words, Pelosi asserted that the charges were legitimate and fair, that President Trump is guilty before innocent, and that his right to defense comes arbitrarily from the justice system instead of God. Moderates, libertarians, and conservatives noted what they perceived as dishonesty and partisanship in Pelosi’s tweet.

Conservative commentators across the spectrum were revolted by the tweet, mixing a bit of constitutional education and ad hominem insults in response. Influential conservative radio host Mark Levin had strong words for the former house speaker.

“Prove innocent? It’s innocent until proven guilty, moron. Or at least it used to be.”

Judicial Watch, an organization dedicated to exposing political and governmental misconduct, also took note of Pelosi’s remarks. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said, “Pelosi confirms malicious political prosecution by suggesting Trump is guilty until proven innocent!”

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The former house speaker has been joined by nearly her entire party in support of the persecution, with some never-Trump Republicans also offering support. Former representative Adam Kinzinger, now a CNN “senior political commentator,” argued on Twitter that the conviction of Trump is necessary to defend democracy.

“Today is a somber day for our nation. Donald Trump committed many crimes, but this indictment should be a reminder that in America, NO ONE is above the law. We must move forward and let justice prevail. The anti-democratic threat, however, hasn’t diminished.”

The charges mentioned by Pelosi are expected to come full circle soon, with Trump’s arraignment allegedly coming next week.

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