Musk says Trump should retire and Florida Gov. DeSantis would win easily In 2024

Tesla CEO and owner of SpaceX Elon Musk has suggested that former President Donald Trump should take the back seat and retire instead of running a 2024 Presidential campaign.

Refereed to by Trump as a “bulls-t artist” for his failed attempt to buy the Twitter platform in his rally in Anchorage, Alaska, the Musk and Trump feud first caught fire after the former President accused Musk of lying to him since he was told by Musk himself that he had earned Musk’s vote in the 2020 election.

Musk, however, took to Twitter and contended that that is not true, calling Trump’s accusation fake news.

The comments from Trump denouncing Musk and his failed Twitter deal come in the middle of his campaign to expand Truth Social, an online application with similar functions to Twitter, in the fight to protect free speech online.

According to Musk, Trump never received his vote in 2020, and instead, the first Republican to ever earn his vote was Mayra Flores who ran for Texas’s 34th Congressional District, flipping the state seat to Republican for the first time in decades.

According to News18, in his speech in Alaksa, Trump proclaimed that “You know what he (Elon Musk) said the other day that he never voted for Republicans. You know he told me he voted for me. So he is another bull s*** artist,” Trump said at his rally in Anchorage.

In response, Elon spoke about the idea of Trump retiring, comparing the former President to a bull in a china shop and proclaiming that perhaps Trump is getting too old to be able to serve as President of the United States, as the former President would be 78 years old come 2024.

Enter Ron DeSantis. The statement regarding Trump’s age- and all politicians for that matter- has become a prominent talking point regarding the recent increase in support for a potential 2024 bid for President by the 43-year-old Florida Governor. In a tweet regarding the increasing issue of aging leaders leading countries, referred to as “gerontocracy” by the user, Elon gave a response giving his agreement.

In the same thread on Twitter, Elon spoke out in favor of DeSantis for 2024 over Trump, going as far to say that the governor does not even have to campaign, which is perhaps both a dis on the current Biden Administration’s dealings and the successes and growing popularity of the DeSantis administration thus far.

Although Musk has made these comments about DeSantis, Fortune reports Musk to have said “I’m undecided at this point on that election,” in a June 21 interview with Bloomberg News. Musk said that he will commit around $20 to $25 million to support his chosen candidate for 2024.

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