Murder in Smoke Shop Robbery – Witnessed By Brother on Live Stream

Armed robbery suspects that murdered Bradenton smoke shop owner Mohammed Hamed in 2019 were finally convicted and will spend the rest of their lives in jail.

In September 2019, Amado Alexander Zeppi, Coty Paulk, James Brewer, and Michael Hepner robbed the Green Galaxy Smoke shop at 3218 1st street in Bradenton. In the days after the robbery Brewer, Hepner, and Zeppi were arrested. Paulk, however, was not found until May of 2020 before he was arrested.

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According to detectives, Hepner was the wheel man who drove the suspects to the Green Galaxy Smoke Shop, while Brewer went inside in an attempt to distract the victim. Zeppi and Paulk forced Hamed to the back of the store and made him open the safe. They packed a bag with items from the store and Paulk went out the rear of the store with the stolen items.

Zeppi continued to point the rifle at Hamed, and then hit him with the gun’s bayonet. The gun fired, killing Hamed. Zeppi went back to the car and the four men drove away. The murder was witnessed by Hamed’s brother through a live stream of the surveillance video

Brewer and Hepner took responsibility for their crimes prior to the trial and testified at trial explaining what occurred and identified their co-defendants who wore masks during the robbery, according to the state attorney’s office.

Let me translate that for you to save time. Brewer and Hepner cut a deal with the state attorney and cooperated with authorities to convict Zeppi and Paulk.

According to Manatee County State Attorney Ed Brodsky, Amado Alexander Zeppi and Coty Paulk were convicted of murder and robbery following a jury trial. Paulk was sentenced to life for each of the charges while Zeppi’s sentencing date has yet to be set. However, the crimes carry a sentence of mandatory life in prison.

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