MTG Spars With ‘Blind Fools’ in White House as GOP Considers Impeachment Inquiry

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene traded jabs with the White House over the weekend amid reports that House Republicans are inching closer to a formal impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden. Greene previously announced that she would refuse to vote on government spending to avoid a shutdown unless Republicans moved to open an investigation. A White House spokesman called Greene’s comments “hardcore fringe,” but the Georgia Congresswoman fired back on Saturday.

“The White House is attacking me for demanding an impeachment inquiry before I’ll vote to fund one penny to our over bloated $32 TRILLION dollar in debt failing government,” Greene wrote in a post on X.

“We have the evidence they have desperately been trying to hide to just ask the question. Should we inquire? Should we just take a look? Dare we investigate further? The answer is YES but the White House is outraged at my audacity to demand it.”

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On Thursday, White House spokesman Andrew Bates issued a statement attacking Greene for comments she made at a recent town hall event. Greene said she would withhold her vote if the House did not open an impeachment inquiry or the government reintroduced COVID mask or vaccine mandates.

“The last thing the American people deserve is for extreme House members to trigger a government shutdown that hurts our economy, undermines our disaster preparedness, and forces our troops to work without guaranteed pay,” Bates said.

But Greene shot back, saying the White House is “filled with pathetic blind fools” led by a “corrupt criminal mentally incompetent old man.”

“Bidenomics is responsible for the highest inflation in 40 years that is kicking down our senior citizens in poverty and stealing their hope of a good future for their grandchildren. They shed tears daily over the America they knew that is no longer […]

Joe Biden has been in office over 50 years and many of his uniparty colleagues have been there decades as well. All miraculously becoming wealthy millionaires while making a set taxpayer-funded paycheck. Yeah, the math doesn’t add up.”

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In a Friday interview with Breitbart, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy indicated that House Republicans were seriously considering an impeachment inquiry but it would only be opened through a vote on the House floor.

“To open an impeachment inquiry is a serious matter, and House Republicans would not take it lightly or use it for political purposes. The American people deserve to be heard on this matter through their elected representatives,” McCarthy told Breitbart News.

“That’s why, if we move forward with an impeachment inquiry, it would occur through a vote on the floor of the People’s House and not through a declaration by one person.”

For the House to proceed with an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden, at least 218 votes would be required. That vote could be held as early as next month.

The deadline to fund the government is September 30. McCarthy has reportedly told House Republicans that he expects to proceed with a short-term solution to avoid a shutdown.

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