MSNBC Calls Casey DeSantis America’s Karen, Ron Defends His Wife

A panel on an MSNBC show mocked Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis by calling her “America’s Karen.” Wives and family used to be off limits when it came to media criticizing candidates’ families, but those days are over. What is Casey DeSantis’ doing that deserves jeering and name-calling? Speaking up in support of her husband, Governor Ron DeSantis, and campaigning for him for his presidential run is worth making fun of now. The left is supposed to be the pro-woman party that values women for speaking their minds. Physical appearance is supposed to be secondary, yet they have no problem bashing a woman as long as she’s conservative, and they’re doing it using an expression that is somewhat racist.

MSNBC mocked Florida’s First Lady by calling her a Karen for having the audacity to campaign for her husband, Governor DeSantis.

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” Casey DeSantis is a fairly compelling political figure in Florida and now nationally. For many, she’s the brighter side to Florida’s angry governor. For others, she’s become America’s Karen. And I think that’s the ultimate disconnect here with a campaign that needs to embrace more constituencies to get to the White House,” Jolly said on the MSNBC show, Saturday Show With John Capehart. The comment made the panel laugh with delight. 

Governor Ron DeSantis quickly responded to the insult on Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co;

My wife is an incredibly strong first lady of Florida, a fantastic mother, and a great wife, and that threatens the left.”

The term “Karen” has gained popularity in recent years as a slang term to describe a specific type of person, typically a middle-aged white woman perceived as entitled, demanding, and often exhibiting rude or confrontational behavior. The term has been used in online memes and discussions to mock or criticize individuals who display such behavior, often involving complaints or requests to speak to the manager in retail or customer service situations. Let’s not beat around the bush with what the term means. It’s a neo-racist term that means you’re an annoying white woman with an exaggerated sense of entitlement who should keep your mouth shut.

Calling DeSantis a Karen is just one of many names she’s been called. According to Fox News, she’s been called a “dimestore Melania,” implying she’s a poor, lowbrow version of former first lady Melania Trump. The Daily Beast called her “A sunshine state lady Macbeth, in her green cape and white gloves, with her middling husband and thirst for the crown.” She’s been essentially called a wannabe Jackie O. She has been criticized for wearing high-heeled shoes. She’s been compared to a character in The Handmaid’s Tale. How is any of this ok? 

Casey DeSantis with Governor DeSantis at his swearing-in ceremony, wearing the Jackie O dress that leftist media has criticized.

Setmayer on MSNB said;

” Well, I called her, I called her this, you know, Serena Waterford, wannabe needs to cut it out. We see you. So… there’s all kinds of names for her. She needs to stop trying to measure the drapes in the White House and think that she’s some kind of Jackie O reincarnate. I mean, Casey DeSantis, keep an eye on her, though. She’s a wily figure.”

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The truth is that Governor DeSantis has a strong partner in Casey, and that threatens some people. One look at her Twitter account, and you can see how great she is. She stands up for what she believes in.

Every candidate should be lucky enough to have a spouse willing to put themselves out there and work for them as Casey does for her husband. She should be applauded, not mocked. Criticizing Casey DeSantis is just another example of the hypocrisy of the misogynistic, racist, snobbish, and mean behavior that left-wing media exhibits.

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