Moms for America standing together for liberty

Many of you were inspired by the role models of women in the Bible that Marina Hofman, Ph.D., shared with us last month. Today, I talk with Marina about Moms For America Palm Beach County—a movement of women committed to faith, family, and freedom gaining traction.

JF: Why should Moms For America matter to Floridians?

MH: Floridians know that moms are the heart of the home, and the home is the heart of our nation. If we want to reach this generation of children and heal our country, we need to support moms standing for faith, family, and freedom. This is what Moms For America are all about, and the majority of Floridians care about children, our nation, and our moms.

JF: What is Moms For America doing in Palm Beach County?

MH: To encourage women who care about faith, family, and freedom, we gather monthly. Gathering affirms that we are not alone and gives us the strength to stand for truth and liberty.

For action, we support and partner with local freedom organizations. We are working with Turning Point Faith, America Project, and Florida Citizen Alliance to provide large showings of Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules. On June 14, we are sponsoring a large “meet and greet the local candidates” event in Jupiter with the Trumpsterz Tuesday Therapy. These events give a platform to candidates and address issues that matter most to moms.

Sam Sorbo and Marina Hofman
Sam Sorbo and Marina Hofman

JF: What motivated you to gather with like-minded women?

MH: During the lockdowns, I felt lonely, isolated, and alone, standing for freedom. Then, I made some friends who were taking a stand for freedom. They had been chased down grocery store aisles for not wearing masks; they had strangers judge them; friends shun them. Yet they stood firm for their values and faith. I found confidence through their friendships and wanted to create a place for other women to experience the encouragement and strength of being with like-minded others.

JF: As you began to gather together, what happened?

MH: Our group started with one friend who agreed to co-lead a local Moms For America chapter and me. In three months, we’ve grown to almost one hundred members, and we’ve forged many partnerships in the community. Women are empowered and strengthened through the friendships we’ve made. We have local candidates attend and daily inquiries to join. And we are starting to take action on numerous fronts.

One of the most important outcomes is responding to the personal needs of each other. We are making connections that are helping us with legal issues, knowing our rights, finding the resources we need, and supporting one another.

PBCJolt Interviews Marina Hofman of Moms for America

Marina Hofman and Rebecca Albright
Founders Marina Hofman and Rebecca Albright

JF: So, I know your testimony—you have a brain injury, you are a Canadian, you work full-time, and you homeschool. How do you find time to be a community leader and organizer?

MH: Jack, there is no time. There is never a good time to volunteer, bring people together, or take a stand for freedom. Jack, I did nothing in the ’90s and 2000s when I saw my rights eroding in Canada. I didn’t want to offend anyone or risk losing a friendship, and I didn’t want people to talk negatively about me. I left the fight to someone else—a lawyer or politician. I stayed silent.
Well, Jack, now I have a daughter. No one will fight for her if my husband and I do not. And I am gravely concerned about her future.

On the other hand, parents across the USA who have become involved in the education system and their children’s schools, parents who ran for school boards and won, showed us that we could make a difference. I want to follow their example—And be someone who stands up for my daughter, her future, and the future of all children.

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Marina Hofman
Marina Hofman

JF: What do you say to readers inspired by what you’re doing?

MH: I am ordinary. Yet God is doing something extraordinary through this amazing group of women I have the honor of leading. How is it possible? Simple. We are saying yes to God. We are going where God is leading, and we are putting our trust in God. That’s all God asks: a willing heart to say yes and the humility to trust God’s direction.

You can say yes to God. You can stand up for truth and freedom.

Society pushes us to be isolated, glued to our electronics, and separated from genuine human relationships. Because there is strength in numbers, they are afraid of what will happen if we organize and work together. We can push against this. Gather with like-minded people to encourage and support each other. See what happens.

JF: If women want to be involved in or support your group, how can they connect with you?

MH: Visit the webpage Moms for America Palm Beach County for our latest updates. We welcome women of all ages who care about faith, family, and freedom and can support us. If you care about these issues, I hope you will connect with me.

Follow Marina Hofman on Instagram @marinahofman and learn about her platform to empower women through examples of Women in the Bible 

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