Mom Claimed Son Missing Allegedly Kept Him Locked Up, Drugged, & Sexually Abused

Rudy Faria has been the subject of a missing persons case for eight years. Now that he’s been “found,” there have been allegations that Rudy was never missing. Farias’s mom, Jania Santana, has been accused of making him ‘play daddy,’ treating him like a slave, sexually abusing him, and giving him hallucinogenic drugs during the eight years she claimed the boy was missing.

The 25-year-old met with investigators on Wednesday for the first time since he was found outside a church last week after allegedly going missing in 2015.

He was seen hiding his face under a blanket as he was escorted out of a Houston hotel by counselor and community activist Quanell X, who became emotional as he described his conversation with the young man.

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Rudy reportedly said his mother, Janie Santana, had been drugging and sexually abusing him for years. He only spoke up after authorities separated him from Santana, Quanell said.

Footage posted by independent journalist Grizzy’s Hood News shows Rudy being led outside the hotel, where he and Santana met with investigators.

According to the information featured on a Texas EquuSearch flyer distributed after he went missing, Rudy was last seen while walking his dogs near Tidwell and Park Avenue around 6:30 pm on March 6, 2015.

He wore blue jeans, a black T-shirt, grey cotton gloves, and brown shoes. The pets were eventually found safe, but Rudy reportedly never returned home.

Janie Santana

At the time of his disappearance, it was shared with the public that Rudy was diagnosed with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety and had likely stopped taking his medication. He had previously injured his right leg and walked with a slight limp.

Rudy took to Quanell, who was present in the meeting as a mediator between the family and police and asked to speak to him privately.

‘So, if he’s been missing for eight years, how the hell did he get that credit card in his pocket?’ Quanell said.

After being separated from his mom, Rudy reportedly said his mother would make him sleep in the bed with her and ‘make him play daddy’ before he ran away.

‘I was tired of living like a slave,’ the young man said when asked why he ran away, according to Quanell.

It’s unclear when Rudy ran away before turning up outside the church on June 28, but Quanell said he had his mother’s credit card, issued two years ago when he was found last week.

‘This is sick,’ Quanell said. ‘Based on what that boy told me, I don’t see why she’s not in handcuffs right now.’

Quanell claimed Santana kept the boy hidden for years and convinced him he had to hide because police were looking for him to put him in jail.

‘He said he didn’t like getting in bed with her, that he would try to sneak out of bed, but she told him he had to be her husband,’ the community leader claimed.

Rudy allegedly claimed his mom also made him bathe her.

Rudy was found unresponsive on June 29 after a good Samaritan called police to report an unresponsive man slumped outside a church.

Cops said they managed to identify Rudy by the necklace he was wearing, which belonged to his late brother, and called his mother, Santana, to tell her they had found her son after eight long years.

Santana claimed he had blood in his hair and had been badly abused and beaten.

She shared details of Rudy’s condition after the alleged reunion.

‘Rudy is in pretty bad shape; he has cuts, soft tissue tumors, small openings, and swelling on the soles of his feet, along with bruising, old and new cuts/scrapes on his body, old dry blood on his head, and hair, he has very dark complexion now almost unrecognizable.

God only knows what he has endured while away from home.’

But a video showing a disheveled young man at a restaurant near the church where Rudy was found has sparked questions, as have neighbors who day Rudy was never missing.

Kisha Ross, who lives on the same street as Rudy’s mother, said she had never heard that Rudy was missing, despite being friendly with his family.

‘He used to come in my garage, chill with my cousin, son, and daughter,’ a confused Ross told ABC 7, adding that Rudy liked hanging out in the woods alone.

Ross’s cousin, Broderick Conley, also said he regularly hung out with Rudy – ‘laughing’ and having ‘good times.’

Making the case even stranger, Houston authorities have said a ‘family member’ had called the police in 2018 to report that Farias had been staying behind their residence. Officers responded to the scene at the time but did not find Farias.

As questions emerged about Rudy’s whereabouts over the last eight years, his mother deleted a GoFundMe account she had created for medical costs.

At this time, Santana has not been arrested, and investigators are going through the allegations.

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