MIT Climate Scientist: Best Response to Climate Change is do ‘Nothing’, Favor ‘Resilience’

MIT climate scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen said this week that humanity should do “nothing” about stopping global warming and instead focus on “resilience” to its effects.

Lindzen, who is an atmospheric physicist and emeritus professor of meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), declared that climate alarmism “is exploiting people’s ignorance to promote fear and use it as a lever for God knows what” in a recent interview with Sky News Australia’s Andrew Bolt.

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Multiple prominent figures have played into this alarmism. Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed in 2019 that “the world is going to end in twelve years if we don’t address climate change.”


But it’s not just partisan politicians and activists; U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres claimed we need “warp-speed climate action” because the “climate time bomb is ticking.” He argued that “We don’t have a moment to lose” and “we need climate action on all fronts — everything, everywhere, all at once.”

However, Lindzen clarified that the doomsday predictions are unfounded and not generally shared by the scientific community.

“A large number of scientists are saying, yes. Indeed, it’s warming. And they might even add that perhaps there is a matter of concern. Relatively few that I know of who even support the narrative would ever say that this is involving an existential threat.”

When asked what those in the West should do to help stop the warming, Lindzen answered, “nothing.”

“Nothing. If you wanted to do something in terms of policy, remember, there’s pretty universal agreement that if the whole Anglosphere and the European Union were to shut down completely, bury all industrial activity so we don’t generate CO2 … its impact on climate would be negligible.”

Lindzen explained that this small impact is mainly due to other, still developing nations being responsible for the vast majority of emissions.

“The rest of the world is going to continue and they’re now dominating emissions. So no matter what you believe about climate, our actions will do nothing about climate.”

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However, Lindzen only meant “nothing” regarding stopping emissions and offered some policy suggestions on handling climate change in other ways.

“If you truly believed that it was an existential threat, then the only thing you could do is build up your resilience. And building up your resilience means “means making more, having people wealthier, because we see throughout the whole world if you are a poor country, if you’re not resilient, natural disasters cause immense damage, pain, suffering, so on. In the developed world, similar disasters cause much less damage,” he added. “So your aim would be resilience. Instead, we’re choosing to make ourselves less resilient. And that makes no sense at all, no matter what you believe. Point of fact, I don’t think there’s any threat on the horizon. And the best thing to do is to make society wealthier.”

According to Breitbart, Lindzen has also argued that the scientific community has overstated mankind’s role in causing climate change, attributing it primarily to natural climate variance.

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