Miami Professor Accuses Harvard President of Plagiarizing Her Work

A University of Miami professor has joined a growing list of academics accusing Harvard President Claudine Gay of plagiarizing their work.

Gay has faced allegations of plagiarism since Sunday night, when Manhattan Institute senior fellow Christopher Rufo released a report showing that the Harvard scholar lifted entire paragraphs from other academic papers, claiming them as her own. Gay is accused of more than two dozen instances of plagiarism across four scholarly works, including her own 1996 Ph.D. dissertation at Harvard.

The charges come as Gay faces calls to resign over testimony she gave during a congressional hearing last week, when she said that calls for the genocide of Jews would not constitute harassment under her school’s code of conduct. Harvard’s governing board has since stood by Gay, announcing Tuesday morning that they will not remove her from office.

According to a new report by the New York Post, one of the papers Gay is currently under fire for is “A Room for One’s Own? The Partisan Allocation of Affordable Housing,” which was written in 2017. The paper, which was in Urban Affairs Review while Gay was serving as dean of social science at Harvard, allegedly plagiarizes the work of University of Miami professor Anne Williamson.

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According to The Post,

In the paper, Gay uses phrases which closely parallel ones in a 2011 paper by Anne Williamson, a professor of political science at the University of Miami in Ohio.

Williamson told The Post she was “angry” when she read the excerpts.

“It does look like plagiarism to me,” she said. “If they are going to do what they did, then I should be cited as a reference. My first reaction is shock. The second reaction is puzzlement. There was a way to draw from my paper. All she had to do is give me a credit.”

ThePost’ss report also included excerpts from the two related papers,

“The LIHTC is widely considered one of the nation’s most successful housing programs, and accounts for an estimated one–sixth of all multifamily housing—subsidized or unsubsidized—built in the U.S. since program inception
(Schwartz 2010).” –Claudine Gay, A Room for One’s Own?


“Further, the LIHTC is responsible for an estimated one-sixth of all multifamily rental housing—both subsidized and unsubsidized—produced in the United States each year (Schwartz 2010).” –Anne Williamson, Can They Afford Rent?

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At least three professors have accused Gay of plagiarizing their work, including Williamson, University of Kentucky professor Stephen Voss, and former Vanderbilt University professor Carol Swain.

In a Tuesday interview with the New York Times, Voss told the newspaper that Gay’s use of his work was “technically plagiarism” as she lifted sections from a paper he wrote, changed “only a few words,” and failed to give credit for his ideas.

That same day, Swain told Harvard’s”The Crimson” that Gay’s use of her work would “qualify as plagiarism under Harvard’ss own rules.”

Despite the allegations, Gay has stood by her work, writing Monday in a statement,

“I stand by the integrity of my scholarship. Throughout my career, I have worked to ensure my scholarship adheres to the highest academic standards,”

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