Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Teases 2024 Presidential Run

As speculation around contenders in the 2024 Presidential race continues to heat up, Governor DeSantis is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but he’s not the only Florida politician likely to throw his hat in the ring. In a recent statement, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez quipped he would be pursuing the White House.

The 45-year-old Republican made statements at Miami’s waterfront City Hall for the mayor’s annual address. Suarez set up the tone of the speech with a joke alluding to the presidency before diving into his plans and infrastructure.

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“I just came back from Washington, where I spent four days without seeing the sun. There’s only one job in America that would make you want to stay there long term.”

Suarez touted Miami’s astonishingly low crime rate for an urban area as evidence of his good governance, calling it a “Miami Miracle” and borrowing a line from Ronald Reagan. “Today, Miami stands as a shining city on the hill for those fleeing various forms of oppression,” he said, “It can be scaled across America. To every city and town and to every police department.”

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Suarez made it onto the national radar in 2020 when he encouraged tech innovation to ditch California and move to Miami.

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However, Suarez is not without his detractors. Many have argued that Miami’s good economic numbers represent the city attracting the rich from failing blue cities like San Francisco and New York, not improving local finances, citing rent spikes in Miami last year. This is part of the high housing prices in Florida overall,  partially due to recent mass immigration causing a shortage and, therefore, bumping prices.

Suarez addressed the issue in his statement, promoting Miami’s efforts to reduce homelessness by creating more affordable places to live. “Our city is also measured by how we take care of the least, the last, and the lost.”

This is not the first time Suarez has hinted at a run, making similar statements back in October, according to The Miami Herald.


“It’s something I would consider given the right circumstances, given the right mood of the country,” he said. “We saw what the mood of the country was in ’16. People were angry. In ’20, it felt like they wanted anything but what they got in ’16. It remains to be seen what the country is going to want in 2024.”

Suarez argued he’d have a solid shot in a GOP primary against current frontrunners Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis because “both have the same lane,” which he says will divide republican votes.

Suarez talked himself up back in October based on his experience, track record, and heritage.


“I’m someone who is from the next generation. I’m someone who believes in a positive, aspirational message. I’m someone who has had a track record of success and a formula for success. I’m someone that understands this inflection between industrial to the digital economy. And I’m someone who I think can speak to a variety of minority communities that are going to be important if Republicans want to grow their base for a generation.”

Despite hints, Suarez is still officially undecided, much like Governor DeSantis, something he told reporters after this annual Mayoral address.

“I am considering it. It’s a very difficult decision, because it involves probably one of the most scrutinizing gauntlets, which is the rigors of a presidential campaign.”

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