Miami Herald Shredded for Downplaying ‘Atrocities’ of Communism

The Miami Herald is under fire this week for their coverage of Florida’s new anti-communist curriculum, with critics accusing the paper of downplaying the leftist ideology’s violent history. In a headline about the new education standards, the Herald notably enclosed the word “atrocities” in quotes, suggesting doubts about the curriculum’s historical accuracy.

The Herald’s choice of language ignited a firestorm on social media Wednesday, drawing hundreds of responses from angry readers.

“Why the scare quotes?” Asked one commenter, “Communism is responsible for tens of millions of deaths and countless other crimes against humanity.”

“No quotes are needed,” wrote user Matt Kakuk. “Communism was horrible. I lived in socialism and don’t wish it on my worst enemies.”

“Imagine trying to gaslight the people of Miami — where the largest group of Cubans, like my mom, had to flee from the atrocities of communism,” said commenter Reese. “Why is the Miami Herald mad children will learn the truth about communism?”


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The Herald’s coverage also provoked a response from Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr., who wrote,

“Placing ‘atrocities’ in quotations implying that this isn’t the truth about communism is a slap in the face to the very community that this ‘news outlet’ is supposed to serve,”

Upwards of 1 million Cuban exiles are estimated to live in Florida, with the vast majority residing in Miami-Dade County. According to the Cuba Archive Database, over 10,000 were killed under the communist Castro regime by firing squads and other “extrajudicial assassinations.” A further 78,000 are estimated to have died trying to flee the regime.

“[P]erhaps the Miami Herald could benefit from some elementary level instruction on the evils of communism!” wrote DeSantis advisor Christina Pushaw.

“Imagine being such a communist you put ‘atrocities’ in quotes as if millions of people weren’t killed and/or starved to death because of communism. You don’t hate the Miami Herald enough.” ~ Robert J. Salvador [@RobertJSalvador]

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Governor Ron DeSantis signed The new education standards into law Wednesday at an event commemorating the Bay of Pigs invasion. Joined by several veterans who fought the communist regime in Cuba, DeSantis signed the bill and told the audience, “We’re going to tell the truth about communism in the state of Florida. We’re going to tell the truth about the evils of communism,”

The new curriculum, which will take effect during the 2026-2027 school year, will include teaching the “history of communism in the United States and domestic communist movements” and “their histories and tactics.” Lessons will also include a “discussion of political ideologies, such as communism and totalitarianism, which conflict with the principles of freedom and democracy essential to the founding principles of the United States.”

“My view is we might as well give them the truth when they are in our schools because a lot of these universities will tell them how great communism is, so we are setting the proper foundation,” DeSantis said.

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