Men’s Health Mag.- Men Who Like Women Now Under LGBTQ Umbrella

Men attracted to women have long been understood to be heterosexual, but a new article from Men’s Health Magazine says those men now land somewhere on the LGBTQ spectrum. The new, inclusive term, Men’s Health writer Suzannah Weiss says, is “gynosexual.”

From Men’s Health Magazine:

THE NUMBER OF terms and identities under the LGBTQ+ umbrella is ever-growing, allowing more and more people to describe their sexuality with words that make sense to them. One word you may not have heard that is helping some people express who they are is “gynosexual” (sometimes spelled “gynesexual”).

“Gynosexuality refers to being sexually attracted to femininity, irrespective of one’s own gender identity or the gender identity of the femme-presenting person they are attracted to,” says sex educator Lilith Fox.

According to the numerous experts and sex researchers cited by the magazine, the term “gynosexual” describes pretty much anyone drawn to femininity. However, since “femininity has no universal definition,” the term is entirely up to interpretation.

Sexologist Rhiannon John says, “It’s important to remember that gynosexuality is a term that speaks to the complexity and nuances of attraction to femininity rather than a rigid definition of sexuality or behavior.”

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While the article was originally published on May 17, the magazine promoted it on Tuesday’s Twitter account, prompting criticism and jokes from hundreds of users.

“once again i have to tell you that mens health is staffed almost entirely by women writers,” one Twitter user wrote in response to the column.

“It’s come to this. Pay attention. They are now redefining straight males and lesbian women so we all can fall under the lgbt+++ label. You see, according to them, we are all together in this misery.” ~ unseen1 [@unseen1_unseen]

“They will not stop this BS until they’ve found a way to define everyone in a way that means something other than “normal.” You must be pigeonholed. You WILL be labeled!” ~ THE Crapplefratz (Accept no substitutes) [@Crapplefratz]

“I’m not the most PC person in the world but I feel like even those that are should at least have some pause here.” ~ Toasted Livioli [@LivMaddix]

“This article’s description of Gynosexuality makes absolutely no sense,” said bodybuilder Mark Lobliner, “What a non-definitive definition!”

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Other Twitter users wanted to know if they would be getting their own pride flag, given the newfound admission of heterosexuals to the LGBT community.

“Enough with these stupid labels! Are they going to add this one to that ugly flag too?” ~ Gerge Wept [@GeorgeWept]

Men’s Health has that covered, revealing a new pride flag in their article for straight men.

“There is a flag devoted to gynosexual pride,” Weiss writes. “[W]hich has pink on the top and green on the bottom to represent attraction to women and femininity, as well as brown in the middle to represent stability and support.”

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