Megyn Kelly Mocks Fox News With Hilarious Nickname as Ratings Go Down Toilet

The firing of star host Tucker Carlson has precipitated a ratings collapse at Fox News, with the network’s 8:00 pm slot hemorrhaging over half its usual audience of 3 million. According to Nielsen, with primetime viewership down nearly 30 percent, the network appears to be in a race to the bottom against woke beer brand Bud Light, whose sales are reportedly down by a similar margin. Megyn Kelly, a Fox News alumna, offered her spin on the spectacular implosion this week and revealed that her audience has taken to calling the network “Foxweiser.”

The SiriusXM podcast host made the reveal on Twitter in response to a recent clip from The Megyn Kelly Show, where she broke down the spectacular collapse of Fox News.

“They’ve lost almost two-thirds of the audience that helps pay their bills. They’re left with about one-third of their audience. I mean, that’s stunning,” Kelly said.

“I looked up and down the board at the rest of the primetime, which with all due respect to the daytime, is all anyone gives a sh-t about over there at Fox News. Primetime pays the bills, period.

They’re all down. I just did a quick calculation of the 9:00 pm demo, which of course is Hannity, he follows Tucker, is down almost 40 percent… The 10:00 pm down 24 percent in the demo, down almost 20 percent in the total. And I could go on.”

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Landing another jab against her former employers, Kelly responded, “My audience is calling them #Foxweiser,” in reference to beer brand Budweiser, which has been experiencing a similar freefall due to its collaboration with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the beer company is reportedly down 26 percent in sales across the country after initially costing its parent company Anheuser-Busch $5 billion in market cap due to a conservative-led boycott.

Anheuser-Busch CEO Michael Doukeris was made to answer for his company’s floundering sales on an earnings call with investors last week, where he attempted to minimize Budweiser’s collaboration with Mulvaney pledged to triple marketing efforts over the summer to reclaim their lost consumer base.

Much like Fox News, however, it is unclear if the company will be able to recover its conservative consumer base, as more people reportedly jump ship to ‘less woke’ beer brands such as Yuengling.

Conservative media network Newsmax similarly reported a jump in ratings due to the boycott against their competitor, announcing Saturday that the company had more than doubled their ‘total day’ ratings and more than tripled their 8:00 pm ratings, according to Nielsen.

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“What these numbers show is that Carlson wasn’t just important within his own time slot. He was also a massive draw for the other shows in primetime, delivering viewers for hosts who don’t have the charisma or talent to sustain large audiences on their own,” Kelly stated on her show.

“Carlson was very unique in his ability to command a room. He could light social media ablaze with one ten-minute segment. That was a superpower that didn’t just benefit him personally, but it benefited all of Fox News by raising the network’s profile with the viewers it needs the most. Your grandfather watches Hannity, but the audience for Tucker’s show was decidedly younger, and it’s that demographic that produces the most advertising revenue.”

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