Matt Gaetz Mocks Wacky Opponent for Past Cyberstalking Of Student Lover

Republican Congressman for Florida Matt Gaetz tweeted a story on Friday exposing his opponent, Democratic candidate Rebekah Jones, for having an affair with a student, threatening him with revenge porn, writing a 342-page manifesto on their sex life, and being charged with cyberstalking.

The Congressmen injected a bit of humor into the revelation by echoing one of Trump’s more comedic lines, saying that democrats “aren’t sending their best!” Gaetz’s tweet also snipes at Jones for being an outsider to Florida,

The attack is not a mere political exaggeration. According to Channel 7, Jones has a court date in 2023, facing cybersecurity charges for “illegally accessing the DOH computer network at the height of the pandemic.” Jones claims she is a whistleblower who was fired and charged after refusing to “manipulate” data on Florida’s COVID Dashboard.”

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However, according to, Governor Ron DeSantis said that “Jones was canned because of insubordination and called her ‘disruptive.'”

Given her past, Jones being disruptive would not be a reach.

Jones, a 30-year-old at the time and a married mother of two, “was fired from Florida State University for having an affair with one of her students while she herself was a Ph.D. student and instructor in 2017,” according to

But the scandal didn’t stop there. Jones chronicled the affair in a 342-page essay filed in a failed defamation case, which, according to, who obtained the essay, included graphic details regarding X-rated texts between Jones and the 21-year-old student regarding their mutual sexual fantasies. The essay was so detailed that reports it included descriptions of Jones and the student’s encounters.


“The essay even describes her body’s sensations when she had sex with Sweeterman on the floor of her university office, as well as the size of the student’s manhood . FSU, like most universities, bans sexual contact between professors and their students.”


In the aftermath of the affair, Jones was arrested three times, including for vandalizing the student’s car. After university officials caught wind of the conflict, Jones was committed to a mental institution, where she received treatment and was released, but was still eventually fired.

However, Jones continued to stalk the student, even stealing his cell phone, according to an FSU police report, eventually leading to the student obtaining a  restraining order. reports that Jones was charged for her behavior.

“Court records show she was charged with three counts of cyberstalking Sweeterman after she allegedly created a ‘revenge porn’ website called SurvivingGarrett and sent the link to online boards focusing on women’s issues and the #metoo movement.”

According to court records, the website includes naked pictures of the student from their time together. Attempts to spin the affair into a MeToo issue appear to have been largely successful, given her popularity as a democratic candidate.

Jones has even gone so far as to make claims about Gaetz without evidence, including that he is attempting to poison her.

Despite this pattern of Jones baselessly accusing right-wingers of wrongdoing, it seems that Gaetz is determined not to let Jones keep her skeletons in the closet.

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