Matt Gaetz and Mike Rodgers Make-Up After Heated Exchange on House Floor

During the last stage of the fight surrounding the Speaker of the House, Mike Rodgers angrily lunged at holdout Mike Gaetz while on the House floor, with only his colleagues holding him back. Since then, Gatz and Rodgers have now publicly made up, but the image will not likely leave Americans’ minds anytime soon.

In the video., Rodgers’ colleague can be seen not only holding him back but placing a hand over Rodgers’ mouth, presumably to prevent him from saying anything further to Gaetz.

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The animosity between them started when Gaetz outed Rodgers attempted use of blackmail, threatening to remove Gaetz from committee positions if he refused to fall in line. However, that angle didn’t work. Gaetz explained that such seats would be meaningless under an unfettered McCarthy Speakership.

“Our position is that if Kevin McCarthy is the speaker of the house and we don’t have an ability to ensure that there is umf behind the agenda and energy behind our oversight, then our committee assignments don’t mean that much anyway,”

At the time of the lunge, McCarthy had failed to win enough votes for a speaker for a fourteenth time, and the last failure was only by one vote, Gaetz’s, kindling the frustration in Rodgers that led to the lunge.

However, Gaetz and Rodgers have come out and buried the hatchet since then, calling the outburst a “moment of frustration” that pales compared to their “6-year productive working relationship.”

Rodgers retweeted Gaetz, apologizing for his behavior and voicing his appreciation for Gaetz’s understanding.

The two Congressmen’s followers, however, had more mixed feelings.

Some commenters on Gaetz’s tweet told the Congressmen he should not be excusing Rodgers’ behavior, while others commended him for taking the high road.

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Those responding to Gaetz’s apology had a similar mix, with some saying Rodgers shouldn’t apologize for his actions (likely due to distaste for Gaetz), while others applauded him for taking the high road.


But, perhaps most importantly,  the exchange made for some great comedy.

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