Martha Vineyard’s ‘Generosity’ Expires After 48 Hours-Bus Out DeSantis’ Migrants

This week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flew 48 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, a small island community where former President Barack Obama owns a home.

The purpose was to draw attention to the millions of illegal immigrants crossing the border this year, which could be over 2 million by the year’s end.

Martha’s Vineyard, a community known for its liberal politics, declared an emergency just hours after the immigrants arrived, and the Massachusetts Governor activated 125 National Guardsmen to deal with 48 migrants.

Democrats harshly and swiftly reacted to DeSantis’ decision to transport the immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

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California Governor Gavin Newsom urged the Department of Justice to criminally investigate DeSantis and other Republican Governors for transporting immigrants to other states.

The outrage came even though a budget was approved months ago that was supported by many Florida Democrats to transport illegal immigrants out of Florida.

In an attempted slight to DeSantis and conservatives, some people argued that his point was not well-received by residents of Martha’s Vineyard, as they volunteered to assist the illegal immigrants by providing them food and supplies upon their arrival.

Other videos painted a different picture. The homeless shelter coordinator for Martha’s Vineyard said that the migrants would have to be moved ‘somewhere else’ as the island could not sustain them. But apparently, Texas border communities can.

After people applauded the island’s supposed generosity, footage from Boston Globe reporter Samantha Gross showed charter buses arriving at the island to effectively ‘deport’ the migrants less than 48 hours after their arrival.

Charter buses can be seen pulling into Martha’s Vineyard, where the 48 illegal immigrants sent by Gov. DeSantis will board them to head to a military base.


According to CNN, the migrants will be taken to Joint Base Cape Cod for shelter and ‘humanitarian support.’

One Twitter user said that Democrats ‘preach about accepting migrants’ until they get some in their town.

Clay Travis pointed out the hypocrisy of liberals who claim that they love diversity, often calling it a strength.

President Biden said that he is looking into suing Republican Governors such as DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott for shipping illegal immigrants to Democrat-ran states.

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