Marco Rubio attacked for going after ‘Soros-backed prosecutors’

Senator Marco Rubio has come under media attack for arguing that handling “Soros-backed prosecutors” should be a top congressional priority.

Rubio introduced an amendment that would limit prosecutorial discretion and force prosecutors to keep violent criminals incarcerated. Prosecutors funded by left-wing financier George Soros are infamous for being woke and soft on crime, a fact which Rubio referenced in his proposal.


“Let me tell you what people care about. They don’t care about buying solar panels and electric cars as much as they do not having to live in a community where violent crime is rampant and you’ve got some crazy prosecutor that refused to put people in jail, that refuses to prosecute entire categories of crime,”

Rubio quickly came under fire for using the term “Soros-backed prosecutor.” Instead of addressing Rubio’s arguments on their merits or even what he actually said, many quickly leaped to the conclusion that when Rubio said “Soros-backed” he really meant Jewish.

Gun-control activist Fred Guttenberg was quick to tweet out that very argument:\.


Teacher’s Union President Randi Weingarten echoed the sentiment.


However, Florida GOP Chairman of Chairs Evan Power called out the leaps in logic.


Daily Wire co-founder and orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro also weighed in on the issue, dismissing the validity of “dog-whistle” claims and claiming left-wing hypocrisy on the anti-semitism issue writ large.

Conservative commentator Jack Prosobiec put an exclamation mark on the hypocrisy claim. He tweeted an SNL skit refencing Soros’ considerable influence over US politics, which aired in 2008.

This media firestorm comes as Rubio finds himself in a somewhat tight midterm race against Democratic challenger Val Demings.

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