Manny Diaz Torches Kamala Over Slavery Curriculum Lie – ‘Would Love to See’ VP Debate Scholars

Florida Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. punched back hard at Kamala Harris’s latest lies Tuesday after the Vice President falsely claimed last week that the Sunshine State was adopting a new pro-slavery curriculum.

The Florida Department of Education recently adopted new guidelines for teaching African American history, which include the consequences of the slave trade, the evolution of slave codes, and their impacts on black Americans in history. At one point, the curriculum states that “slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit.”

That line was seized on by the Vice President, who in Jacksonville last week claimed that Florida was trying to “replace history with lies.” In a widely criticized speech, Harris distorted the text of the curriculum and falsely claimed that “Middle school students in Florida [are] to be told that enslaved people benefited from slavery.”

But Diaz stood by his department’s decision, and on Tuesday, he rebuked Harris for her remarks during an interview with Guy Benson.

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“This White House is obsessed with Florida and taking shots at Governor DeSantis and telling lies,” Diaz told Benson.

“His opponents within the state are doing the same thing. And having gone through this thing, these politics for ten years in the legislature prior to being the commissioner, Guy, it’s very apparent that this is just a political cheap shot that they’re taking.”

During the interview, Diaz also referred to Dr. William B. Allen, a member of the African American History Standards Workgroup that authored the new standards. Allen has recently emerged as one of Harris’s harshest critics, telling Fox News host Jesse Waters on Monday that the Vice President had invented an “absolute falsehood.”

“What is being done here is the attempt to create stories for our time and impose them on people who told their stories in their own time, thereby erasing their stories. And that means my story, by the way, because, after all, my great grandfather came to this country through fraudulent inducement, looking for opportunity only to find himself a slave. But he had the pluck to seek opportunity. And that pluck that he brought with him provided the skills, provided the initiative that allowed him post-slavery to establish his family securely. And this is the story of millions of people. Those stories must be told as the people who lived them experienced them, and no one should be allowed to erase those stories.”

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“I think Dr. Allen, not only… as one of the authors of this, very well-read man, [is] clearly a direct descendant who is affected by the topic,” Diaz said. “And on the other side, you have someone who has picked up some talking points bolstered by the teachers union and just trying to gaslight Americans into believing this.”

“I think that would be a great debate to illustrate the truth,” Diaz added.

“We have to stand with the truth, and I think Dr. Allen illustrated what the truth is, what these benchmarks are really saying, and not what the gaslighting that the Vice President is trying to produce here.” ~ Manny Diaz Jr. on The Guy Benson Show

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