Man Shoots at Women Outside Bingo Paradise – Armed Citizens Hold Him For Police

Lee David Wilkerson, 38, of Pensacola, is in the Escambia County jail after he shot at two women who asked him for help outside Bingo Paradise on Mobile Highway in Escambia County.

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On Jan. 4, Escambia County deputies responded to the Bingo Paradise on Mobile Highway about a 911 call about shots fired. Calls were coming in that a white male, wearing a gray jacket and blue jeans, was shooting at people in front of the business.

When deputies arrived at the business, they saw a white male, wearing a gray jacket and blue jeans, lying on the floor with two unknown citizens holding him at gunpoint. Deputies said several customers inside the business began screaming and pointing at the white male on the ground, saying, “He is the one who was shooting.”

Deputies secured Wilkerson and found a baggie containing a rock-like substance and a knife during a pat down. Deputies tested the substance, and the results were positive for methamphetamine.


Deputies spoke with one of the victims, who said Wilkerson had shot at her and her friend. According to the arrest report, she went to the business to get jumper cables from her mother, who was playing bingo inside. She saw Wilkerson and another female standing outside of the business. The victim asked Wilkerson if they could go inside and tell the victim’s mother her daughter was there to get the jumper cables, and Wilkerson told her, “No.”

The victim and her friend began to walk inside to get the jumper cables when Wilkerson and the female started acting strange,” and the woman began to attack her.

Wilkerson pulled a small handgun from his right side and pistol-whipped the victim on the left side of her head. Wilkerson then pointed the firearm at her and the other victim and began shooting at them. One of the victims ran into the business, and the other ran back to her vehicle and took off.

Deputies spoke with a witness who was inside calling out bingo numbers. He stated he heard a fight outside and saw Wilkerson pull a firearm from his pants and begin shooting.

Approximately two minutes later, Wilkerson entered the bingo hall, where two players pulled concealed weapons and held Wilkerson at gunpoint until deputies arrived.

There were “numerous” .380 caliber shell casings in the parking lot and near the front entrance to the business, and deputies located the pistol in the dumpster where Wilkerson told them he dumped it.

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