Male Birth Control Is On Horizon – Will Men Take It?

There’s a new daily birth control method on the horizon for men that could be a game-changer. A hormonal birth control gel, rubbed once a day on each shoulder blade, isn’t quite ready for market, but it’s showing promising results in clinical trials. Male birth control has been talked about for many years and is considered an “unmet need.” The big question is whether men will want it and whether they should be trusted to use it. Florida Jolt asked males of different ages in various phases of their lives what their thoughts are in the world of birth control. 

A new daily-use birth control gel for men is currently in clinical trials. This could be a game-changer.

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According to the NY Post, here’s how the new male birth control works;

The synthetic hormone segesterone acetate, also called Nesterone, is an ingredient of the birth control ring (used by women). Researchers think using Nesterone makes the new gel work quickly and requires less testosterone. It’s also meant to keep men from producing sperm without impacting their sex drive or causing other side effects. Researchers said that men’s blood testosterone levels have stayed low enough to keep their normal sexual function.

The phase 2 trial included 222 men aged 18 to 50, all using around a teaspoon of the hormone gel, made up of the hormones testosterone and segesterone acetate, on each shoulder blade daily. In the trial, 86% of the men had sperm suppression after an average of eight weeks, which was faster than researchers expected.

The new birth control method isn’t ready for prime time quite yet. Florida Jolt readers were asked a hypothetical: if a daily-use birth control gel were available for men that were just as effective as the female birth control pill, with no side effects, and everything would go back to normal as soon as you stopped using it, would you use it? How do you think men, in general, will feel about it? Brace yourself. The vastly different answers may surprise you. 

Single Forty-year-old John M. didn’t hold back.

Men won’t use any drug for fear of permanent infertility, impotence, and ball or penis shrinkage. Personally, I don’t need this because I know my pull-out game is strong. You can quote me, but don’t use my name. 

Single Rob A., a man in his fifties, said he’d rather get a vasectomy. His exact words,

I’d rather get snipped. 

Rob is at a stage where he knows he doesn’t want to have kids, but let’s say he was in his twenties. Would he feel differently?

When I was in my twenties, I would have likely considered it. But I’m not sure about how people will respond-particularly as we have come to understand that big Pharma is full of sh*t. 

Thirty-one year older single Walter B. said,

If there are no side effects, it has potential. The best scenario is you would be able to replace condoms. I hate condoms. 

Derek S, single and in his early fifties, said,

Most would consider it as part of a start-stop product; the alternative would be to get fixed through surgery, which many don’t want to go through.

The last two respondents are men in their 60s who are married, have kids, and have entirely opposing viewpoints. One said he would have loved to have had the option back in the day because not having it meant trusting that women were telling the truth about birth control. He felt that he would rather have complete control over this because he knew he would be responsible and use birth control correctly. He also knew that if he had gotten a woman pregnant, he did not doubt that he would take responsibility. 

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When I asked the question, the other man thought I was kidding. Once he stopped laughing, he had this to say. 

I think men would lie their asses off. Any woman who doesn’t want to get pregnant would be stupid to trust a man about to “get some” that he used birth control gel. We don’t do that stuff. Tell your daughters to never trust a man with that bullsh*t. At 3 AM, when you’re young and single and all fired up, men will tell women any stupid ass thing they want to hear. That’s why women have to watch out for themselves. 

Phase 3 clinical trials are one of the last steps before a drug is approved. According to the Food and Drug Administration, the trials typically involve hundreds, if not thousands, of participants and can last from one to four years. Despite the success, plans to push the gel into phase 3 trials are still up in the air, as more funding would be needed. So, for now, men are off the hook. 

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