‘MADNESS:’ Oregon Social Workers Use ‘Preferred Pronouns’ in Description of Missing Kids

The Oregon Department of Human Services has drawn fierce blowback for stating the preferred pronouns, rather than sex, of three missing children in an appeal for public health in locating them.

The children; brothers Brantley Hinson, 7, Logan Hinson, 4, and River Hinson, two; went missing on June 17, and local authorities have said they had reason to believe they were at risk.

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The ODHS’ Child Welfare Division reacted by seeking public help to find the missing children. The division speculated that they could be in Oregon, Idaho, or Alaska and provided physical descriptions of the three brothers.

Alongside these physical descriptions, the boys were described as having preferred pronouns. The older two brothers were recognized as he/him, and the youngest was left blank. The children’s actual sex was not included.

Despite this, the children were eventually found alongside their mother, Stephanie Lloyd, on June 28.

One Twitter user called the move “unbelievable.”

“These 3 little boys are missing, and instead of listing their gender as part of their description, their preferred pronouns are listed instead. Unbelievable. Like people are supposed to be looking for preferred pronouns. No, they’re going to be looking for little boys. It’s just another way for them to try and normalize this, but at the expense of helping find these kids.'”

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Another user echoed the sentiment, claiming Oregon prioritized ideology over providing the most helpful description to find the boys.

“This is the kind of pronoun insanity that helps absolutely no one. How the hell can you search for children when a woke government provides “preferred pronouns” instead of their sex? Who told Oregon these children had preferred pronouns when they are too young to know what a pronoun is? Oregon proved they did not care about finding these children. They cared more about confusing everyone with stupid pronouns since a he/him in Oregon can be a girl. Stop the madness!”

In this case, the boys were biologically boys, likely preventing too much confusion (although the pronouns still did not indicate the sex in Oregon stat’s usage.)

“There is very REAL HARM in the “gender fluid” agenda. If a child is missing and wrong pronouns are used, this will absolutely hinder finding them. There was a recent example of this in Oregon (3 boys) descriptions weren’t an asset to locate. Thankfully, all were found!!!”

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