Macclenny Fire Department Rescues Bald Eagle Impaled on Top of 120-foot Radio Tower

Macclenny firefighters in Northeast Florida rescued a Bald Eagle that was impaled on a 120-foot radio tower located at St. George Elementary School in Baker County.

MacClenny Fire and Rescue Department responded to a call Friday about the eagle stuck on top of the tower and contacted wildlife authorities from the scene.

It was determined that someone would need to go to the top of the tower to help the eagle, MacClenny Fire and Rescue Department said in a post on Facebook.

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Upon arrival, fire crews had to cut down some fencing to gain access to the tower area. Once the truck was in position, Engineer Louis Castle and Lt. Garret Williams loaded up into the bucket and raised their ladder truck to its maximum of 100 feet. At that point, Castle exited the bucket of the fire department’s ladder and hooked himself onto the tower, using safety equipment, and climbed the remaining 20-feet, according to the department.

Once Castle reached the top, the eagle was found in “obvious distress.” Castle was able to free the bird of its impalement. It then soared down and was captured by wildlife personnel.

A picture on the Macclenny Fire department’s Facebook page post, which contains a warning about graphic images, shows the severely injured Eagle lying on its back, splattered with blood.

The post ends by congratulating everyone involved: “Great job, fellas. We are extremely proud of you and what a call. To be up close to America’s symbol of freedom, what a memory!”

A Saturday update brought bad news: The eagle passed away due to its injuries.

After several disappointed Facebook comments were posted, the Macclenny Fire department responded by saying “We are at least thankful he did not pass up there stuck and suffering.”

Florida Jolt would like to thank the folks with the Macclenny Fire Rescue Department for their quick action and we are relieved no personnel were injured.

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