‘Loot here, Die here’ DeSantis and Floridians Warn Criminals They Risk The Ultimate Penalty

From Governor DeSantis to the everyday Floridian, criminals are being warned that Florida isn’t New York or Chicago. Florida is a free Second Amendment State, and criminals risk the ultimate penalty if they loot here.

Self-reliance and respect for the rights of the average citizen to protect themselves from harm are still valued here.

Democrats in Florida are campaigning to limit our ability to protect ourselves, but Florida is a red state now, and we intend to stay that way.

Florida’s Warrior Princess, Christina Pushaw, makes the point precisely and clearly.


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Governor DeSantis issued a clear warning to thugs and looters.

We, the people, appreciate our leaders for supporting the hard-working, law-abiding taxpayers who need to defend their lives, families, homes, and businesses by any means necessary.

If a looter is lucky, Florida Attorney General Ashely Moody and the law await them.

The hashtag #Floridastrong isn’t about victims on Twitter, signaling they’re glad to be alive, or projecting stregnth on social media when strength isn’t being demonstrated in real life. #Floridastrong tells the world that we have the determination, laws, self-reliance, and the means to protect ourselves and rise above any tragedy.

Our leaders in the Free State of Florida respect us and our rights. In a world where predators take every opportunity they can to pounce on decent people, our leaders support us over the leftist legacy media who would set our attackers free.

Most Floridians are grateful for their leadership in a time of need.

God Bless them all.

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