‘Looking at $900 Million Loss’ – Megyn Kelly Rips Disney as Woke Movies Hemorrhage Money

SiriusXM radio host Megyn Kelly slammed the withering Disney corporation,  alleging on “The Megyn Kelly Show” that 2023’s controversial lineup of woke movies has cost the company nearly a billion dollars. Speaking with conservative pundit Charlie Kirk, the former Fox host name-dropped several young children’s movies that included “non-binary,” gay, or otherwise woke characters:

“Disney… is looking at an almost 900 million dollar loss right now, following a series of woke flops at the box office. Apparently there is an analysis out there showing that films like Lightyear, in which they decided to make Buzz Lightyear gay, the Little Mermaid, which is now woke… Elemental, that includes a non binary character, which had one of the worst characters ever, worst opening weekend in company history. We can go down the list. People are not buying this content. They don’t want this content.” ~Megyn Kelly on SiriusXM

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The entertainment industry giants have all spearheaded massive cost-cutting and revenue-raising measures, seemingly extending to their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) offices. Kelly’s remarks come as Disney, Netflix, and Warner Brothers reported their DEI chief officers having resigned or been laid off.

Disney Chief Diversity Officer Latondra Newton, who oversaw the implementation of the LGBT agenda into Disney’s many projects and parks, left the organization in late June. Her underlings in the organization would proudly report integrating a “not at all secret gay agenda” into their movies – something which would seemingly spell disaster for Disney.

“Strange World,” a movie that features a gay teenage couple, lost the organization more than 150 million dollars and was subject to harsh criticism for its overt leftist messaging. Perhaps not coincidentally, Newton would leave the organization just a few months after its release. Disney’s other overtly woke movies, including “Turning Red” and “Mulan,” would lose the company 550 million dollars over three years.

Consequently, Disney’s financial indicators are stagnant at best. As of early July, the organization’s stock price hovers around 85 dollars – the lowest since 2014. Disney is also facing catastrophically low box office returns as entertainment production costs have skyrocketed, making 2023 the first year since 2014 that Disney will go without a billion-dollar movie release, pandemic years notwithstanding.

Observers have celebrated Disney’s fall from grace, saying the current radical-left iteration of the company would leave founder Walt Disney “disappointed.”

“Woke ideology has no place in Disney; it’s not the Disney of years ago when families would go to enjoy being together and having fun. Disney is becoming political; and the American people have had enough of it and will not subject themselves or their children to nonsense. Mr. Disney would be disappointed in the future of his legacy; his lifetime dream of making children laugh and happy ; gone because of political reasons.” ~@NoraGon93416294 on Twitter

Others have speculated the massive losses will force the organization to stop producing woke content or “go broke.”

“That’s the thing about woke. The marketplace will take care of it as we’ve seen with Disney, Anheuser Busch. We don’t need ridiculous legislation to end it.” ~@Reniec7 on Twitter

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