‘Literally Human Trafficking’ Spews Hillary Clinton on DeSantis Sending Illegal Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Slammed Governor Ron DeSantis for flying migrants to Martha’s Vineyard on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show, claiming the move was “inhumane.”

However, Clinton leaned into the empathy and community response in the sanctuary jurisdiction in response to the influx of migrants.

“They’re going to respond. They’re going to feed them and house them.”

Another Twitter user agreed.

Another pointed out the apparent contradiction between the two positions.

Clinton claimed that flying migrants would “exacerbate” the problem of illegal immigration but did not clarify how.

The former Secretary of State also stated that “nobody wants open borders who has any idea of how governments and countries work.” She continued that the government should “reform, change and better fund” the immigration system.

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However, Clinton also claimed that this is distinct from the bussing and flying programs undertaken by DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbot, saying they would “rather have an issue than be part of the solution.”

According to DeSantis, the issue was the build-up of illegal immigrants in border towns and high-immigration states, and this is the solution, at least until the border is secured.

Clinton also characterized the move as human trafficking, another popular accusation. However, as DeSantis War Room points out, there’s some hypocrisy implicit in that claim as well, given how short-lived the hospitality of the sanctuary jurisdiction of Martha’s Vineyard has been revealed to be.

The claim is also technically wrong, as the flying funds were all above board. Biden had also been sanctioning secret flights for migrants, according to the New York Post.

Martha’s Vineyard declared a state of emergency over the 50 migrant influx and was slammed on Twitter.


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