Lindsey Graham Booed Off Stage by MAGA Crowd – ‘Stop Sending Our Money to Ukraine’

During a Saturday Trump rally, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham received a lukewarm response from a loyal MAGA crowd, who gave sporadic boos and hesitant claps as he delivered remarks and walked off the stage. The senator can be seen hastily walking off the stage after concluding his speech as the crowd slowly turns against him.

The video below shows South Carolinian Republicans – Graham’s constituency and voter base – vocalizing their disapproval as he took the stage.

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First elected to Congress in 1994, the South Carolina native has spent much of his career in politics lobbying for “establishment” or “RINO” policies. Even fellow “RINO” Republicans have sought to run a primary opponent against the senator over his support for illegal immigrant amnesty and defense of Roe v. Wade. When Trump arrived on the national scene in 2016, Graham vehemently opposed him and famously said, “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…… and we will deserve it.”

Since then, Graham has made enemies with the “MAGA” base of the Republican Party over what many call an “America last” agenda. In the time since President Trump left office, the senator has led a “RINO resurgence” in the Senate alongside Senator Mitch McConnell. Though initially opposed, Graham helped organize Republican support for Biden’s disastrous budget bill in exchange for increased defense and Ukraine funding.

Despite this, the senator frequently shows up for Trump 2024 rallies and proudly declares himself an ally of the former president.

“Lindsey Graham just got booed off the stage at Trump’s South Carolina rally. I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING. Looks like the base is tired of warmongering neocons who squander our hard-earned dollars to bomb countries halfway around the world. Hey Lindsey, a few helpful hints: STOP SENDING MONEY TO UKRAINE! Take care of OUR BORDERS first. Use the money to FIX AMERICAN PROBLEMS FIRST. Maybe then you’ll be welcome at rallies for the president who puts the American people first. God bless America.” ~@JamesBradleyCA on Twitter

While the two are friendly in public, their night-and-day policy positions make the collaboration bizarre – and the MAGA booing inevitable.

Supporters of the 45th president have vocalized their concerns with Trump and Graham working closely together, arguing that their collaboration could lead to a subversion of his second term – something which killed much of Trump’s agenda during his first stay in the White House.

“I’m hoping that Trump understands why he was booed and rethinks his friendship or whatever it is between them. He’s a neo-con warmonger RINO, and it makes me question if Trump is going to pick a better cabinet this time.” ~@JerichoXVI on Twitter

Despite collaboration with Graham, an unapologetic anti-Russian war hawk, Trump has promised to cast out “globalists, warmongers, and the bureaucrats who have weaponized our justice system.” Perhaps against the wishes of the South Carolina senator, the former president has on several occasions promised to “end the [war in Ukraine] in 24 hours” and “prevent World War III.”

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