Life beginning at conception has a fuller meaning than scientific truth

Life beginning at conception is a scientific fact that isn’t just about arguing with abortionists. When a man conceives a baby with a woman, his fatherhood starts just as the woman’s motherhood does.

From the moment of conception, a father has a sacred obligation to protect, provide for and nurture the mother of his child. When the child is born, those male duties extend to the mother and child.

Some women would call my reminder to my fellow fathers of their duties patriarchal and chauvinistic because women can take care of themselves and don’t need men.

I feel sorry for those women. Some women have to go it alone because of irresponsible men, and they manage as best they can, but it’s not ideal.

I’m a proud member of the patriarchy and accept my duties with joy, and I could care less what screeching feminists think.

Fatherhood begins at conception


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