Liberals Meltdown After Dan Bongino Owns Them With Tweet

Liberals on Twitter are having a complete meltdown after Dan Bongino called them out on their obsession with sexuality.

This all started when Dan Bongino, who is known as a conservative political commentator and host of The Dan Bongino Show, tweeted that liberals are obsessed with sexuality, with him listing all of the different types of sexual activity that liberals seem to talk about constantly. He added to the tweet that if this doesn’t disturb people, they are not paying attention.

Instead of admitting that the left has a problem with how much they obsess over sexuality, they decided to obsess over the idea that Bongino is obsessed with sexuality because of how many times he said the word ‘sex.’

Stephen King, a prominent voice for the left, decided to be one of those people to call Bongino out for that.

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King seems to ignore that Bongino is simply calling out the issue of the left’s obsession, with him detailing how many different types of sexual activity they seem to want to talk to children about. Anyone peering into the left’s sphere of influence can see what Bongino describes. This observation is not an obsession.

Replies to King’s tweet were spot on, with one person calling him out for what he is.

Another person called him out on some of the contents of his 1986 horror novel ‘It’ by describing the contents and insinuating that there is a connection between the novel’s content and the content of King’s character.

Another Twitter user, Ron Filipkowski, who describes himself as a ‘[Former] Fed Prosec & Repub; now [Defense Attorney] & Demo Co-Host [of] MAGA Uncovered,’ decided to chime in by taking a screenshot of the tweet and reacting to it by saying ‘I guess I just miss all the places where this obsession is happening.’ The conservative reaction was quick and ferocious, with many completely dunking on him for making such a statement.

One person accused the dem co-host of being willfully ignorant, with the person following up their tweet with a video of a place where this obsession is happening.

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Conservative Barbie, a social media influencer, replied to Filipkowski’s tweet by posting a screenshot of his tweet directly above an instance that Filipkowski claims don’t happen.

Filipkowski replied to this tweet by saying the following:

Yeah you got one guy in a Pride parade in [West] Hollywood acting a fool. Now compare that to what Dan posted. Do you know how many straight men get arrested for exposing themselves in public every year? Tens of thousands.

Conservative Barbie then responded to this tweet by saying:

Yea and it’s wrong. It’s always wrong. No matter who does it. I despise ALL pedophiles. Can you say the same though?

Other replies were blunt, with one user calling him out for his double standard:

Oh so how many of these incidents are “ALLOWABLE” to you then? Apparently you have an acceptable amount of this  behavior in mind as you belittled it and shrugged it aside? Tell me how many Ron. – @PapaPat272 on Twitter
Bongino, the individual who started this firestorm on Twitter, summed up the reaction to his tweet perfectly by saying:

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