Liberals Mad After DeSantis Vows to Leave Cartels ‘Stone Cold Dead’

Governor and Presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis has made taking on the cartels a key promise of his campaign. In multiple interviews this week, he has proposed designating the cartels as terrorist groups and using deadly force to stop the flood of fentanyl into the country.

Tens of thousands of Americans are killed every year by fentanyl overdoses, and more people than ever are being affected by the opioid crisis. DeSantis’ comments have earned him praise from Americans, but some on the Left are crying foul.

“DeSantis gets a round of applause from Hannity’s studio audience when he promises extrajudicial killings at the border,” read one seething remark from liberal commentator Aaron Rupar.

“We’ve come a long way from ‘Hope and change’ to ‘Let’s murder people with state power,'” read another remark.

For Open Borders Democrats, the only thing worse than tens of thousands of Americans dying each year is the idea of holding their killers accountable.

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DeSantis told Hannity on Wednesday that on “day one” as President, he would declare a national emergency and send the military to secure the Southern border.

“I’m going to treat the Mexican drug cartels as the foreign terrorist groups that they are. They’re killing tens of thousands of our fellow citizens by bringing deadly fentanyl into our country. We’re using lethal force against the cartels. If they’re bringing fentanyl into this country, we’re going to leave them stone-cold dead at the border. They’ll get the message.”

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In an interview with Norah O’Donnell on ‘CBS Evening News,’ DeSantis reiterated his promise to secure the border.

“Would you commit U.S. troops to taking out these Mexican cartels?” O’Donnell asked.

DeSantis described cartel activity at the border as an invasion force, in which traffickers regularly cross into the country with backpacks full of fentanyl. The Florida Governor repeated the catastrophic death toll resulting from the White House’s unwillingness to secure the border.

“We are going to lean in, and we are going to defend our country. In those situations, yes, we will have deadly force authorized,” DeSantis said.

Asked if he would be willing to use missiles to take on the cartels, DeSantis said that the specific tactics depended on the situation but that he was willing to use “all available” options.

“We would use all available – the tactics, I think, can be debated. If you have something you want to accomplish, people would brief you on the different ways to be able to do it, so that would be dependent on the situation.”

“The reality is they are overrunning our border,” DeSantis added. “They’re sex trafficking, human trafficking, and they’re bringing in massive quantities of drugs. Our country is being invaded and hurt by what they’re doing.”

DeSantis previously said at an Iowa campaign event in August that he would be willing to authorize drone strikes against the cartels.

“If they’re invading our country and killing our people — we have a right to defend this country.”

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