Letter to the Editor: Erika Hinton-Lawsuit Reform

Dear Florida Jolt Editor,

Florida accounts for more than 70 percent of all the property insurance lawsuits nationwide! As a result, insurance rates in Florida have skyrocketed well over 30 percent in just the last few years.

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While we battle through inflation, we cannot afford to make our insurance even more expensive. Florida legal loopholes have created the nation’s most fertile ground for bad faith lawsuit abuse. Plaintiffs’ lawyers have free reign to file bad faith claims against insurers, whether bad faith occurred or not.

To date, our laws have provided almost no recourse for insurance companies to prove their compliance or agree to new guidelines that benefit homeowners. Instead, most cases end in expensive settlements where the lawyers are paid handsomely, while property owners pick up the tab as insurers must continually raise rates to offset legal costs.

Fla. Legislature to Tackle Property Insurance, Tort Reform in Special Session

Of course, the most vulnerable—families and small businesses—are impacted the most. With higher rates and added costs, businesses must raise prices, lay off workers, or shut down. Families must make hard choices with significant consequences.

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No one can afford unnecessary costs right now, especially if our dollars just subsidize shady legal tactics and increasing insurance rates. Florida’s legislature must stop this malicious practice in its tracks and enact bad faith insurance reform.

Erika Hinton
8251 El Dorado Dr.
Pensacola, FL 32506
[email protected]

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