Lee Greenwood ‘Stands Up’ Next to Jason Aldean: ‘Freedom of Expression is Under Attack’

Country music legend Lee Greenwood is taking a stand against cancel culture and encouraging other Americans to do the same.

In a compelling op-ed published this week, Greenwood called out the “insidious” woke mob and pledged to commit “the rest of [his] life” to fighting back. He referenced the recent attacks against fellow country artist Jason Aldean as the latest example of America’s diminishing freedom of expression.

“This isn’t just about Jason [Aldean] – who is a friend, and I’m also a fan – this is about all of us in country music. Freedom of expression is under attack,” Greenwood wrote on FOX Digital.

“Yet, freedom of speech and creative expression are essential to a free country — it’s the American way of life. Canceling artists is anti-American, it’s insidious and if it gains a foothold, it will take another generation to weed it out,” ~ Lee Greenwood

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Greenwood said that the issue of cancel culture is personal to him and described how he was cast out by the National Endowment of the Arts just one year into the Biden administration. “A curt letter was sent to me, and no explanation was given,” he said.

“Oddly enough, I had served presidents on both sides for over a decade – first appointed to the NEA by President George W. Bush, then served 8 years under President Barack Obama, and 4 years under President Donald Trump before receiving the news I was being terminated,” ~ Lee Greenwood

Greenwood said he believed he was canceled due to his song “God Bless the USA,” which was frequently played at the rallies of former President Donald Trump. Greenwood said that some critics had encouraged him to “demand” that Trump stop using the song, which he refused.

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“The reason I won’t give in, and the reason Jason Aldean won’t back down, is we know how this ends,” Greenwood wrote. The country singer explained when writing the song he witnessed “firsthand” how his grandparents struggled to keep their farm in California against increased government regulation. Greenwood said the Cold War regulations aimed to “shut down their grain production in response to our battles with the Soviet Union.”

“I saw what that did to their livelihoods, and that’s where I got the inspiration for the opening line of the song, ‘If tomorrow all the things were gone I’d worked for all my life, and I had to start again with just my family and my wife…’” ~Lee Greenwood

“We must ensure that we don’t allow cancel culture to take our freedom of expression away,” he encouraged.

In his op-ed, Greenwood also declared that he would dedicate the rest of his life to “freedom of expression, to country music, and to America’s veterans who’ve died and served to protect those freedoms.” He encouraged all Americans to visit AdoptAVet.com to sponsor a movie ticket for a veteran this Veterans Day as a “special salute to country music.”

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