‘Leadership Matters’: Florida AG Ashley Moody Explains Recent Migration to Florida

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody was on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures” yesterday to explain why so many Americans have been stampeding to Florida, citing the Sunshine State’s excellent leadership class.

“It’s not rocket science. I mean, people are watching and they understand that leadership matters. We don’t just watch as things break down or things aren’t going right. We do something about it.”

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The results of the recent midterms, even if disappointing for the nation overall, affirmed Moody’s argument. Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis won his race against Democratic challenger Charlie Crist in a 20-point landslide. Republican Senator Marco Rubio trounced Val Demings as well.

On top of that, Florida increased its population by 211,000 people between July 2020 and the same month last year. At the same time, New York and California, both run by Democrats, lost 319,000 and 261,000 residents, respectively, according to Census Bureau data released earlier this year.

Moody explained that liberal policies in these states are to blame for the mass exodus and how Florida was different.


“…we saw other states cramming down on their citizens and taking away their rights, we did something about it. You know, this is a government of the people. They want to make sure those that they elect to office have their backs. And in Florida, we’ve got their backs. When we saw people not respecting cops and other folks defunding their police, we gave them raises. When we saw a rash of folks rushing into stores and committing mob thefts, we did something about it. We made it easier to prosecute those people.”


But even as Moody explained why the state appealed to the average American, she warned criminals that it wouldn’t be sunshine and rainbows for them in the “law-and-order” state of Florida.

“Be aware if you move here. Florida is a law-and-order state. So if you’re a criminal and you’re residing in Florida, you may want to get out.”

Moody reiterated that the crime policies in California and New York have led to all-too-predictable results, policies that Moody has vowed not to repeat, instead opting for common sense law enforcement.

“It is not hard to imagine that if you fail and refuse to enforce the laws on the books, and that includes both crimes and your bail statutes, that you will see an increase in crime.”

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