Lawsuit Abuse – The Need for Injecting Transparency in Courtrooms

Dear Florida Jolt Editor,

The escalating dollar figure awarded in personal injury lawsuits might be good for trial lawyers, but it’s terrible for most Florida people. Taking advantage of legal loopholes makes the cost of everything—from insurance rates to everyday goods and services—go up across the board.

The recent hurricane should serve as a reminder that our lawmakers need to tackle lawsuit abuse in Tallahassee, and they can start by reforming the lack of transparency in damages that our courts review when considering a lawsuit.

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Currently, trial lawyers can work the system so that the true cost of a plaintiff’s medical bills are inflated. This happens every day when trial lawyers collude with medical providers to persuade a plaintiff to forgo health insurance by signing a “letter of protection.” This conceals the real cost of medical damages from a judge and jury so that they are prevented from having an accurate accounting of how much money should be awarded to a plaintiff.

When personal injury lawyers cheat the system and artificially hike the cost of medical bills their clients pay, businesses and insurers get hit with an unfair bill that trickles down to the average rate-payer.

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This week, Florida lawmakers are debating important changes to lawsuit abuse. They need to prioritize cracking down on these schemes to inflate damages. Injecting more transparency into our courtrooms will protect consumers and small businesses and strengthen our economy.

Kimberly Joly

Apopka, FL

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