Laura Loomer Dragged for Vile Tweet – Says DeSantis Didn’t Care For Casey During Cancer Battle

On Friday, Laura Loomer went to Twitter for her daily attack on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, calling him power-hungry and dishonest and saying he should have resigned from the governorship in 2022 to take care of his wife Casey, who was suffering from cancer.

Unfortunately for Loomer, the blowback was severe, and Twitter conservatives jumped on Community Notes, the new fact-checking addition to Twitter, and dragged her around social media for the Tweet.

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Her Tweet claims DeSantis’s quest for power overrides his wife’s health and that he should have stepped down to take care of her during her bout with cancer. Because according to Loomer, ‘That’s what a good husband would have done.’

Laura Loomer

There was a problem with Loomer’s Tweet; however, facts.

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Community Notes exploded with fact checks on Loomer’s Tweet informing her that Casey DeSantis was declared cancer free in March of 2022 and DeSantis’s 20-point blowout Re-election took place in November 2022, 8 months after her remission.

They say that politics is a blood sport, and it is. But invoking a candidate’s spouse or children is usually reserved for liberals. Most of Twitter found the Tweet in bad taste and had gone too far. Many had hoped the Tweet would be deleted, but that isn’t Loomer’s Style.

Many hoped Donald Trump would condemn the attack on the Governor’s wife, especially given the treatment his wife, Melania received, but it didn’t come. Perhaps when he comes back to Twitter in June, he will correct that.

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