Last Words of Death Row Inmate Who Murdered Four Including Pregnant Woman – “What’s Happening Here Isn’t Justice”

Texas Death Row inmate Arthur Brown Jr., 52, who murdered four people, including a woman nine months pregnant, used his last words before his execution to condemn those responsible for his death, stating,

‘What is happening here tonight isn’t justice,’ he said. ‘It’s the murder of another innocent man.’

Brown was sentenced to death three decades ago for the 1992 slayings of four people in a fatal drug ring rip-off.

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He reportedly took two deep breaths as a lethal dose of the sedative pentobarbital was injected into his system before he quickly began snoring.

Brown was pronounced dead at 6:37 pm, 17 minutes after injection.

Arthur Brown Jr.

Police say Brown was a drug ring member that delivered drugs from Texas to Alabama, and while visiting the home of a married couple who supplied drugs to the gang, Brown and his crew gunned down four people as they raided the property.

After tying up the residents, they shot dead Jose Tovar, 32, his wife’s son Frank Farias, 17, neighbor Audrey Brown, 21, and Jessica Quinones, 19, who was nine months pregnant. Jose Tovar’s wife, Rachel, and another occupant were shot but survived.

‘I don’t see how anybody could have just killed a pregnant woman and then made her suffer so much,’ said Quinones’ older sister Maricella before the execution.

Brown’s attorneys tried several tactics to stop the execution but failed. They attempted a last-minute delay on his execution, arguing that he should be exempt from the death penalty as he is intellectually disabled, a claim disputed by prosecutors.

‘Mr. Brown’s intellectual limitations were known to his friends and family,’ the killer’s attorneys wrote in their petition.

‘Individuals that knew Mr. Brown over the course of his life have described him consistently as “slow.”‘

The US Supreme Court declined the appeal Thursday.

However, the last-minute appeals were slammed as merely a delay tactic to extend his life by Josh Reiss, who heads the Post-Conviction Writs Division with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office in Houston.

‘It was an absolutely brutal mass murder,’ he said. ‘These families deserve justice.’

Reiss argued that school records, which were shown at Brown’s trial, reveal that the convicted killer was only believed to be intellectually disabled in the third grade, but that was no longer the case by the time he reached the ninth grade.

Brown’s attorneys had also previously launched several other unsuccessful appeals in lower courts, including a claim that a racist juror tainted his conviction.

Two days before he was given the lethal injection, a Houston judge he denied a request from for DNA testing that Brown’s attorneys claimed would exonerate him.

In another attempt to stop the execution, Brown and five other Texas death row inmates filed a lawsuit against the state’s prison system, alleging it uses expired execution drugs in lethal injections.

The suit alleges that authorities are extending the use-by-dates of its lethal injection drugs due to a lack of pharmacies willing to produce them.

Prison officials deny the lawsuits’ claims that the expired drugs make their execution more painful and say the state’s supply of drugs is safe.

Arthur Brown Jr. was executed after 30 years on Death Row.

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