Kyrsten Sinema Flames Biden on Border- ‘Two Years to Prepare and Did Not Do So’

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema flamed President Joe Biden on his response to the looming end of Title 42, saying her state will “bear the brunt” of the fallout.

Former President Donald Trump initially invoked Title 42 during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, allowing authorities to expel migrants from the U.S. without undergoing a formal asylum process on the grounds of potential infections. Biden has now decided to let the policy expire on May 11th.

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Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently rejected a bipartisan bill, co-sponsored by Sinema, that would have extended Title 42 for two more years, calling it a Band-Aid solution. However, no alternative has been proposed as the United States prepares for the anticipated spike of migrants following the rule’s ending.

As such, the public health order’s expiration has drawn backlash from Republicans and many Democrats who have cautioned that chaos would ensue without it.

One vocal member of the backlash is Kyrsten Sinema, who represents the border state of Arizona. CBS News’ Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan spoke to Sinema on Sunday about her thoughts about Biden’s inaction on the border. Sinema did not pull punches.

“The Biden administration had two years to prepare for this and did not do so. And our state is going to bear the brunt, and migrants will be in crisis as soon as next week. It will be a humanitarian crisis because we are not prepared.”

Sinema, born and raised in southern Arizona, has said that many border communities do not have the infrastructure to manage the influx of migrants.

Sinema herself tweeted a clip from the interview.


“The Biden admin will end Title 42 tomorrow without a working plan in place to keep AZ communities and migrants safe. They had years to prepare for this, failed to do so, and now Arizona will bear the brunt of this crisis. We’re pushing for solutions to keep AZ safe.”

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When asked if Biden has a plan for the end of Title 42, Sinema said that if there was, she hasn’t been told, and neither have local leaders, with just days before expiration.

“What’s unfortunate is that I’m asking for that information, and I’m not getting it. So either the administration has that information and they’re choosing not to share it, which is a problem since we’re the ones that are going to deal with the crisis, or they don’t have it and that’s even more concerning because how do you prepare for an inflow of migrants when you don’t know what you’re going to expect?”

Border policy is one of many reasons that Sinema, a former Democrat, recently became an independent. What’s more, she’s considering a 2024 reelection bid. In the interview, she claimed she is now working with Republican Senator Thom Tillis to create an alternative to manage the border since the White House hasn’t.

AZ border communities shoulder the burden of our border and immigration crisis. I’m working on an immigration framework with @SenThomTillisto to deliver lasting solutions to secure the border, protect our border communities, and ensure migrants are treated fairly and humanely.”

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