Kohls Launches Baby ‘Pride’ Onesies, ‘Kohlsboycott’ Spreads on Twitter

Shoppers are screaming boycott Kohls after finding baby pride onesies for three-month-olds in their stores. Kohls is the latest retailer to face a backlash after launching a line of baby Pride clothes. Kohls wasn’t paying attention when Target’s sales plummeted after their pride clothing fiasco, and now shoppers are calling for the “Bud Lighting” of the store.

Pride onesie for infants sold at Kohls.

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“Kohlsboycott” spread like wildfire on Twitter in no time, and there were Tweets galore.

If you’re wondering why stores happen to be launching Pride merchandise now, it’s because June is Pride month. From the Library of Congress: “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Pride Month is celebrated each year in June to honor the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan.

From Kohls’s’s website. The faces of Pride Month.

The outrage with Kohls doesn’t appear to stem from the Pride clothes for adults. The problem is the clothes for children, and there seems to be an insistence on normalizing a nonbinary lifestyle which most do not acknowledge as real or normal in any way. Many see this as having woke ideology, once again, being shoved down their throats.

Kohls is going to the dogs: Karl Loud & Proud dog toy at Kohls.

According to Kohls’s’s website;

Love is our favorite color. Celebrate Pride Month. We are committed to amplifying and affirming the voices of the LGBTQUIA+ community, celebrating the joy that comes from living authentically and unapologetically not just this month but all year long. 

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To add to the woke virtue signaling, Kohls also states on their site that they have given one hundred thousand dollars to the Trevor Project to support fifteen hundred youth in crisis. 

Additionally, there’s a message from the clothing designer of Phluid, who identifies as They/Them. The clothing line is “gender-free.” There’s also a line by TomBoyX. 

Nonbinary clothing designer identifies as They/Them. “They” are the designer for a clothing line at Kohls called Phluid.

For those that feel that there are two genders only, this woke lecturing is offensive and downright annoying. Go Woke and Go Broke has become the battle cry of the conservative movement, and for a good reason. Those hit in the pocketbook feel the pain, even if they’re not apologetic. 

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