Kinzinger Moves to Texas- Gets Shredded By Furious New Neighbors

Disgraced ex-Congressman Adam Kinzinger has reportedly cut and run from Illinois, abandoning the district he represented for ten years. The former Republican announced over the weekend that he has put down his roots in Texas–and is already offering his opinions on the state’s politics. Texans have not greeted their new neighbor with open arms and made clear through a whirl of social media posts Sunday that, like his opinions, Kinzinger is not welcome in the Lone Star State.

After giving up on Illinois, Kinzinger was trying his hand at Texas politics and declared that he would work “against enablers of corruption.” On Friday, he weighed in on the impeachment trial of the state’s Attorney General Ken Paxton.

“As a new Texan, I will do my best to work against these enablers of corruption. Paxton is GUILTY”

In a cowardly move, Kinzinger disabled replies to his post. But that did not stop droves of users from reposting his comments and adding some thoughts of their own.

“Adam Kinzinger moved to Texas?” replied podcast host Kyle Seraphin. “Does he know that doesn’t make him a Texan any more than crying and simping for #Ukraine makes him a Ukrainian. Paxton is NOT guilty, so chalk up ANOTHER thing Adam got wrong. And he locked replies. Carpet bagger vibes.”

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Texas Republicans were not thrilled by the news that Kinzinger had moved to their state. Hundreds of comments dragged the disgraced Rep. for his remarks.

“Someone missed the memo that the Bush globalist regime just got their butts kicked in Texas,” replied former Texas State Representative Jonathan Stickland. “Adam Kinzinger should move to San Fransisco with his ‘special friends.'”

“OMG! Adam Kinzinger moved to Texas! How did this disgrace sneak in? This is not the place for COMMUNIST!”


“As someone who once lived in Texas…well before you were born…we don’t want you.”

Matthew J. Peterson, Editor in Chief of ‘The Blaze,’ told Kinzinger, “Yah know, I don’t think it’s working out well so far. You should start looking for another state to live in.”

“Psst… Hey, Adam Kinzinger… The Paxton Trial was a sham… The evidence was 100% debunked… The Senate fully acquitted Ken Paxton

Also, Texas doesn’t want slimeballs like you here. Go away.” ~ Michael Quinn Sullivan of ‘The Texas Scorecard’

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Kinzinger, a self-described “homeless Republican,” left Congress in January after refusing to seek re-election. He later joined CNN as a senior political commentator.

The ex-politician now works primarily as a left-wing operative, attacking conservatives in all corners of the Republican party. In just the past two weeks, he has attacked Governor Ron DeSantis for refusing a meeting with Biden after Hurricane Idalia, he has criticized House Republicans for wasting time on a Hunter Biden “witch hunt,” and has called for the imprisonment of former Trump aide Steve Bannon.

“Adam no longer has a national stage and, apparently, ran out of Republicans to shit on in Illinois,” wrote one reply to Kinzinger’s comments.

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