Kamala Named ‘AI Czar’ – America Braces For Robot Takeover

The White House is assembling a crack team of top officials to deal with the turbulent rise of AI technology, and leading the charge is (Open) Border Czar Kamala Harris. Two years after being tasked with solving America’s mass migration crisis, the Vice President is being reassigned to reign in the lightning expansion of the experimental tech, which the White House describes as posing “potential harms to individuals and our society.” The move will also come with a $140 million investment in researching the risks of AI, overseen by Harris.

“Kamala Harris was made the border czar, and we then faced the worst border crisis in the history of our country. Now, Kamala has been put in charge of ensuring AI doesn’t kill us all,” one Twitter commenter wrote in response to the news. “So, Skynet in about 6 months.”

Leaders in the public and private sectors have been blowing the horn recently over the breakneck pace at which AI technology has been developing. In just the past year, technology once exclusive to Star Trek and sci-fi flicks has become accessible to everyday Americans, including the AI chatbot ‘ChatGPT’ and the ‘DALL-E’ AI system which can create lifelike images from simple phrases–both of which are owned and developed by tech company OpenAI.

The rapidly developing technology has stirred controversy, with users occasionally misusing it to write academic papers in the blink of an eye or impersonate high-profile officials using “deep fake” software.

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“AI is one of the most powerful technologies of our time, but to seize the opportunities it presents, we must first mitigate its risks,” the White House wrote in a statement outlining AI Czar Harris’ new assignment.

On Thursday, Harris reportedly met with the CEOs of leading AI developers OpenAI, Alphabet, Anthropic, and Microsoft, which the White House said underscores,

“[The] responsibility and emphasize the importance of driving responsible, trustworthy, and ethical innovation with safeguards that mitigate risks and potential harms to individuals and our society.”

“Welp, that’s that. Humanity had a good run tho,” Heritage Foundation economist Peter St. Onge wrote on Twitter.

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Harris’ failure to wrest control of the southern border (as well as her record low approval ratings) has not instilled Americans with confidence in her ability to face the rising AI threat. Many are bracing for a doomsday scenario, not unlike James Cameron’s Terminator.

“Really?!? We are so f**ked. They put her in charge of the border and we have an invasion now. What will happen when she meets AI?”  Lauren3ve (@Lauren3veMemes)

According to one commenter, however, if one American is safe from the threat of AI-deep fake technology, it’s Vice President Kamala Harris.

No one needs to do AI fakes to make Kamala Harris appear ‘rambling and incoherent,’ says Douglas Lukasik. “She does this regularly on her very own.”

Harris will reportedly oversee 25 different research institutes during her mission to contain AI expansion.

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