Kamala Forces Attendees To Reveal Vax Status, Attacks DeSantis Over Freedom in Abortion Speech

On Sunday, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke in Tallahassee, Florida, on the 50th anniversary of Roe v Wade.

The speech was supposed to energize Democratic supporters in a state that has increasingly shifted right and comes ahead of an initiative by the Biden administration to protect abortions.

Harris used abortion rights to argue that Democrats are proponents of freedom while Republican legislators and governors attempt to undermine Americans’ fundamental rights.

After the speech, Harris wrote a defiant post on Twitter calling Republicans ‘extremists’ and promising that the Biden administration would ‘win’ by protecting access to abortions.

Harris originally planned to hold her pro-abortion rally at either Florida State University or the Florida Capitol, but both venues turned her away.

Instead, she was forced to hold it at a private venue with a smaller audience.

Harris took the stage at approximately 12:20 p.m at The Moon in Tallahassee. The crowd was reportedly about 1,500 people.

“For 50 years, Americans relied on the rights that Roe protected,” she began. “Now … we speak of the Roe decision in the past tense.”

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She criticized Florida’s 15-week abortion ban that was passed under current Governor Ron DeSantis. She called Florida’s government ‘extremist’ and the abortion ban ‘radical.’

“Extremists in states like Florida … so-called leaders at the state house here in Tallahassee cast a radical abortion ban with no exceptions,” she said to a chorus of boos.

After attacking Florida’s abortion laws, Harris took a more direct shot at DeSantis by referencing a statement of his where he said that Florida was on the ‘vanguard’ of freedom.

She challenged his statement, implying that abortion access is essential to freedom.

“Can we truly be free if so-called leaders claim to be, I quote, ‘on the vanguard of freedom,’ while they dare to restrict the rights of the American people and attack the very foundation of freedom,” Harris said.

Conservatives quickly criticized the Vice President for focusing on freedom during her speech.

Desantis War Room obtained a document that attendees of Harris’ speech were required to sign, which made them disclose their vaccination status.

Attendees who were unvaccinated or partially vaccinated were forced to social distance and take a Covid-19 test prior to attending.

Others defended DeSantis after the Vice President’s attacks, with the Florida Standard saying that he has made the state more ‘desirable’ to live in by boosting residents’ quality of life.

Florida remains one of the top destinations for people migrating from Democratic states bleeding residents such as California and New York, something that both Governor Gavin Newsom, D-Ca. and Governor Kathy Hochul, D-Ny. have lamented.

In a moment that some people found questionable, State Senator Lauren Book, D-Fl. trotted her daughter out on stage to claim that her daughter has fewer rights than her son.

“When she was born, her and her twin brother had equal rights,” she said. “Today, that cannot be said.” Book claimed.

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