Journalist Implies DeSantis Pressured Clarence Thomas on Roe v Wade…Gets Twitter Stomped

On Thursday, Eric Michael Garcia of the Independent published an article alleging that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis met with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas the day before the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade.

As others pointed out, the story was meant to question Justice Thomas’s integrity, implying that he consulted a conservative politician shortly before the Supreme Court rendered its decision on Roe.

However, DeSantis’ Deputy Press Secretary, Jeremy Redfern, was one of the first to notice a significant problem with the story.

The luncheon where DeSantis and Thomas met that Garcia referenced happened over a year ago.

DeSantis Rapid Response Director Christina Pushaw pointed out that even if the story was true, the allegation behind the story still had circumstantial evidence at best and was unlikely to be true.

She called it “Patently absurd to anyone who has followed Governor DeSantis or Clarence Thomas for any amount of time.”

In a show of humility, Garcia was quick to apologize for the mistake, repeating multiple times that the mistake was his fault and that he was very sorry.

In a subsequent Tweet, he clarified that he was “not trying to mislead” readers and said that he was “legitimately embarrassed” before adding that he should have checked the dates before publishing the article.

Garcia took it a step further and told prominent liberal social media accounts, such as Occupy Democrats, to take down Tweets sharing his story.

In a dig at the liberal media giant, he even went so far as to call them “the biggest purveyors of misinformation”

Occupy Democrats have not taken down their Tweet at the time of the publication of this article, but a fact check was appended to their Tweet clarifying that the meeting between Thomas and DeSantis happened in 2021, not the day before Roe v Wade was repealed.

Other prominent liberal accounts echoed the claims made by Garcia.

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‘Call to Activism,’ an account with over 860,000 followers, has left their tweet up that has over 30,000 likes.

The replies include angry comments demanding that Clarence Thomas resign from the Supreme Court and that he and DeSantis are investigated.

For his part, Garcia said that the story was “in the process of being retracted” on Friday morning after issuing another apology.

The story seems to have been deleted from the Independent as it did not appear on Garcia’s author page on the website this morning.

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