Johnny Meier: Small business owner for Wellington Village Council 2022

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Just about three weeks remain before the March 8, 2022 election for the Wellington Village Council, and Johnny Meier wants your vote for him to serve in Council Seat 3. Johnny Meier is running against an incumbent, John McGovern, who has served on the Village Council for seven years.

So what sets Johnny Meier apart from his competitor? “I’m a fan for small government and efficiency,” said Meier.  He contrasted his approach with his opponent, who he calls a lifetime politician. As a small business owner, Johnny Meier says he is trying to do what is best for the community and desires transparency and accountability from our local government.

You may know Johnny and his wife Meroe as the owners of My Community Pharmacy, founded in 2008 and located in the same shopping complex as Whole Foods Market in Wellington. Meier advocates for small businesses in the Village. Meier claims his opponent has proposed plans to destroy small businesses. He believes McGovern wants to destroy the Lake Wellington Business Center and kick out 150 companies without any solution to where they would go, in exchange for building a fancy swimming pool and beachfront.

To further support small businesses in Wellington, Johnny Meier has proposed the assignment of staff liaisons tasked with assisting business owners who would like to open up shop in Wellington. His vision is to make that process easier.

Responsible taxpayer spending is also of the utmost importance for Meier. With the increase in property values and the increase in the cost of living in mind, Meier would like to see the Village Council “lower the milage rate to keep taxes low” and decrease the newly increased budget back to the same amount it was in 2021.

Meier understands the importance of balancing preserving green space for recreation while managing new developments and providing employment and fiscal opportunities within the Village of Wellington.

Most unique to Wellington is the equestrian community with over 580 farms in the Village dedicated to equestrian activities. Meier says he will protect the equestrian preserve in his role should he be elected to the Village Council. Citing a rule of no building in the equestrian preserve, Meier stated that sources tell him that McGovern has promised special interest groups that want to defy this rule.

As a parent himself, a husband to a pharmacist, and a local Wellington pharmacy owner, Meier supports individual and parental choice in medical decision-making. Meier also pointed out that his opponent, McGovern, has advocated for prolonged, anti-choice, government medical mandates over the last two years.

Safety and security are also on Meier’s list to keep Wellington safe. He would like to collaborate with law enforcement on the issues of speeding and forming a neighborhood watch. He also hopes to put programs in place for security systems to include affordable cameras for every resident and business. Meier believes this can deter crime, and criminals would choose to go elsewhere.

As a man of the people for the people, Johnny Meier is looking for your vote to put him on the Village Council, Seat 3, and oust his opponent. John McGovern has made a political career serving since 2015. McGovern and his wife, Michelle Oyola McGovern, are eyeing to create their own McGovern monopoly over the Village of Wellington. As John McGovern runs to keep his seat on the Wellington Council, McGovern’s wife is running her campaign to represent Wellington as part of District 6 on the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners.

You can learn more about Johnny Meier by visiting his website: www.Johnny.Vote and support him by voting for him on March 8, 2020.

To find out more information about the Village of Wellington’s upcoming election visit:

I have no conflicts of interest to disclose.

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