John R. Smith: World Disorder Is Expanding at Warp Speed

The world is more unstable today than it was a year ago. Western leaders haven’t yet grasped the extreme, large-scale impact of world disorder that is eating away at the international structure and system. The defenses of world order are not going well. The rule of law is taking a hit.

There are several types of international conflict, among them ideological, religious, territorial, political, type-of-government, and economic. These types vary by region and time period. Political violence shot up substantially in 2022, and continues today. The clearest examples are in Central Asia, Europe and the Gaza Strip. Violent political demonstrations were up 27% compared to 2021; civilian deaths rose by over 16% in 2022.

The way that violent world dissention is supposed to be quelled is for international bodies, armed or unarmed, to send in peacekeepers. “Peacekeeping” is designed to halt the violence, while “peacemaking” is supposedly defined as the negotiation of a peace agreement. Halting the violence has generally been easier to accomplish than structuring a peace agreement. But with peacemaking, too often the fighting factions or warring nations sink into dependence on the outside peacekeepers forever, and usually nothing gets resolved. This is what happened in the Cyprus conflict.

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The ineffective United Nations laughingly considers itself the “crown jewel” of rules-based order in the world, but it usually performs poorly as its prestige drops to lower lows. We were recently reminded of the pitiful powerlessness of the U.N. Security Council, when Joe Biden was the only member who cared to show up for the General Assembly meeting last month. Says a lot about an organization when the leaders don’t think it’s important enough to show up for the annual meeting.

As the Wall Street Journal wrote, the clear message coming from the compromised factions in the U.N. Security Council is that because it and the General Assembly are so gridlocked into inaction, they have no “constructive role to play in these matters” of international crises. The same can be said of the Group of 20, which met in September without the attendance of some world leaders. And the World Health Organization has become a toothless tiger, which actually is probably a good thing anyway.

Negotiations over disarmament, and efforts to control the sale of arms worldwide seem to have disappeared, while cyber-attacks, biological weapons and technology theft have sprouted up all over the world. Narcotics crime in South and Central America is rampant, and their mules bring their drugs to America, causing the deaths of tens of thousands of our youth. The French have lost power all across Africa, and barbaric civil violence and disorder have filled the power vacuum. “They’re rioting in Africa, there’s strife in Iran”, as the Kingston Trio used to sing.

The aftermath of all this large-scale collapse of order has caused the world to become a more dangerous, unfair place, with the law of the jungle replacing the rule of law in too many nations. This is exactly the way the far-left wants it. They can’t impose their totalitarian system and their international socialist state until law and order, and capitalism is mortally crippled or wiped out.

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