John R. Smith: New York Sanctuarians: A Confederacy of Imbeciles

The Mayor of New York City is a pathetic sight as he whines and whimpers over the destruction he and his leftist political buddies have birthed. A weakling, he blames the governors of border states for acting to share the burden of illegal aliens by spreading them around to other states. The political convictions of New York’s socialist politicians have gotten them into serious trouble. Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul want to shift the blame to innocent, beleaguered states and cities that have launched and executed a fair method of sharing the overload.

This problem began a few years ago with the rise of Sanctuarians, who can be defined as a hypocritical confederacy of imbeciles. Too many American cities have cursed themselves by electing stupid mayors and city councils who, riding the praiseworthy illusion of false compassion, declared their political body a “Sanctuary City.” It sounded good, virtue-signaling steeped in positive political capital, helpful at election time.

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But let’s get serious: Human nature rules humans. When “progressive” city leaders offer free sanctuary and free stuff to illegal aliens, the illegals will flock into such cities like moths to a flame—only what gets burned are the residents and the taxpayers of the cities, who must bear the brunt, the crimes, and the costs. And the more the sanctuarians offer, the more the illegals migrate, pile into the cities and increase their numbers. These sanctuarians, including Mayor Eric Adams and Joe Biden, are dismal failures at understanding human nature; their hypocritical minds inhabit an economic wasteland devoid of common sense.

Ordinary people don’t care about the problems of cities that self-inflict their wounds and pass misguided policies that get them in deep trouble. The mess in the Big Apple is a prime case in point. No, it’s not enough that residents there are over-regulated and pay the highest taxes in the country; now, the mayor wants them to shelter migrants in their own private homes. But this city, in shambles, has seen a great mass exodus of over half a million residents in the last three years.

What’s a poke in the eyes of city politicians is that the wealthy citizens who have bailed out have taken tons of tax money and jobs with them. The residents who have stayed are paying rent at atmospheric heights and are having their wallets emptied by the high costs of inflation and migrant care. The state’s Comptroller “warned the city could face a $40 billion budget shortfall over the next three years”. Mayor Adams himself says the migrant crisis “will destroy New York City”; remember, this is the guy who once welcomed alien migrants to his city.

And Democratic lawmakers in the city are beginning to feel the heat: last week, an enraged crowd in Midtown shouted down (“Send them back,” “Close the border”) Democrat politicians, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, at a news conference. Actual citizens now realize they are being treated worse than the arriving immigrants, with no end in sight.

The Federal government under Joe Biden created this problem by opening up the border and not enforcing immigration laws. New York’s mayor is using this fact to request that Americans everywhere should pay and pay for NYC’s leftist stupidity. The Wall Street Journal responds, “Sorry, not our job.” Perfect answer.

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