John R. Smith: Media Bloodbath Clears the Decks, Piles Up the Casualties

We are seeing a media bloodbath. And their bloody downfall is entirely their fault. Legacy media and “old” journalism is dead. It has been in the intensive care unit, on life support, for many years, and now it’s headed for the scrap heap. Many mainstream media (MSM) outlets went through a long stage as propaganda mills before they began to crumble; in fact, the TV legacy media became little more than state-run propaganda machines, perceived as biased or misleading to favor the political left. Studies revealed that 92% or 93% of journalists registered with a political party were Democrats. The result? 73% of Americans saw media bias as a “major problem.” And 78% saw “misinformation” on media outlets, especially social media, as “the leading problem with news today.”

A Gallup/Knight study in 2020 uncovered that “8 in 10 Americans” believe that the MSM tries to convince people “to adopt a certain opinion.” Behold, we see the death of public trust.

All this has handed us a plague of shoddy journalism, with “Big Media” deciding what’s “news” and spreading lies while saying it’s the gospel truth. Still, the MSM, as useless as they became, would not have collapsed if they had not gone woke and become mouthpiece pawns of leftists and liberal governments. Woke media companies such as Buzzfeed and bankrupt Vice Media have shut off their traditional news operations. Over 2,000 newspapers have folded in the past 18 years. A bloodbath at Paramount/CBS claimed 800 jobs. The Los Angeles Times, a liberal rag that few people care about anymore, laid off 115 news people last month as it lost $40 million. Its newsroom staff imploded with a 20% reduction, one of its biggest employee cuts ever. And a previous layoff last year reduced newsroom staff by another 13%. Sports Illustrated came close to a shutdown in January, while Time Magazine also dismissed a long list of employees. Go Woke, Go Broke!

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Newspapers like to say they speak for the people. Yet, nothing demonstrates the arrogance of editors more than those who state they “represent the public.” Hooey! This arrogant attitude is one cause for newspapers’ and broadcasters’ fall from glory. News editors don’t understand that the only people who “represent the public” are our elected representatives. It’s called the consent of the governed. While the press may serve the public, as do police and firefighters, there is no consent by the voters that the press represents them. There is nothing noble about the political agenda of most of the media.

Here’s a tip for all of you recent college students out there. If you want to be hated, become a “journalist” or reporter. You will find yourself near the bottom of the pile of untrustworthy professions. Newspaper and TV reporters for CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and newspapers such as WAPO have only themselves to blame. They insist on sticking their 2¢ worth of personal opinions into the news, slipping into commentator mode instead of reporting balanced facts.

Wallowing in the lower echelons of disgusting media players are those who accuse others of doing what they do. The worst of them accuse conservatives of causing divisiveness in their country and blame conservatives for liberal failures like the invasion of illegal immigrants storming across our borders.

If the Palm Beach Post and other newspapers want to regain readers, they better tell their reporters to eliminate personal opinions in news reporting and tell their editors to stop editorializing the news. Stop hiring people who believe it’s their job to change the world. Stop criticizing your own country’s successes. Start with separating news from opinions. Cease with the dishonesty of political correctness. Quit pretending to be objective on your news pages—no more character assassinations.

If lying newspapers and broadcasters don’t change, they’ll hasten their plunge into irrelevancy.

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